FASTags mandatory for all vehicles comes into effect from today


File photo: FASTags

File photo: FASTags

FASTags or prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection, that allow automatic payment, will become mandatory for all vehicles from today.

The government launched the National Electronic Toll Collection System which provides for the collection of user fee through FASTag to save fuel and time, curb pollution and ensure seamless movement of traffic. With the help of a FASTag, drivers will not have to stop their vehicles at toll plazas to pay tax.

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has equipped all fee plazas with Electronic Toll Collection System.

A FASTag uses radio frequency identification technology to enable direct toll payments from a moving vehicle. If anyone goes into an electronic toll collection lane without a FASTag, he or she has to pay double charges.

Earlier, it was decided that all lanes except one on each side in fee plazas will be declared FASTag lanes. In a letter, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways told NHAI that at least 75% toll lanes must have to collect toll electronically and 25% ‘FASTag lane’ may be temporarily converted to hybrid lanes. The ministry said that this temporary measure to be adopted for 30 days only to facilitate a smooth flow of traffic and avoid inconvenience to users.