Finance Minister’s Budget Speech

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley. Photo - PTI

New Delhi: Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley.
Photo – PTI


12:58 pm: FM: Preparations for GST rollout on schedule
12:57 pm: FM: Net revenue loss in direct tax will come to ₹ 20,000 crore
12:56 pm: FM: Govt to launch awareness outreach on GST on April 1
12:54 pm: FM: 15% surcharge on incomes above Rs 1 cr to continue
12:51 pm: FM on income tax: Tax rate reduced from 10 % t0 5 % for individuals with income between ₹ 2.5 lakh to ₹ 5 lakh
12:45 pm: FM: Govt plans electoral bonds to cleanse political funding
12:44 pm: FM: Maximum amount of cash donation for political parties cut to Rs 2,000 cr
12:44 pm: FM: Tax on MSMEs cut to 25%
12:44 pm: FM: More options for investment of capital gains
12:43 pm: FM: Sops to affordable housing extended from 3 years to 5 years
12:43 pm: FM: Thrust of my budget is to provide relief to middle class
12:43 pm: FM: 30% increase in area of affordable housing
12:43 pm: FM: Demonetisation data will help widen tax net
12:42 pm: FM: Advance income tax collection up 34.8%
12:40 pm: FM: Net tax revenue saw an increase of 17 % for two years in row
12:38 pm: FM: India is largely a tax non-compliant economy
12:37 pm: FM: ₹ 1.74 cr salaried income tax payers
12:36 pm: FM: Revenue deficit for next year pegged at 1.9 %
12:35 pm: FM: Fiscal deficit at 3.2 % of GDP
12:34 pm: FM: Allocation for scientific ministries increased
12:33 pm: FM: Defence expenditure excluding pension stands at ₹ 2,74,114 cr
12:31 pm: FM: Total expenditure in the Budget for 2017-18 is 21, 47, 000 cr
12:28 pm: FM: ₹ 4.11 lakh cr to be transferred to states
12:26 pm: FM: New law soon to confiscate properties of offenders fleeing the country
12:24 pm: FM: New online railway booking platform for defence personnel
12:22 pm: FM: Govt to amend Negotiable Instruments Act
12:21 pm: FM: Refferal scheme, cashback offer to popularise BHIM app
12:19 pm: FM: Rs 2.44 lakh crore loans targeted through Mudra scheme
12:17 pm: FM: Securitisation of bank NPAs in the offing
12:16 pm: FM: ₹ 10,000 cr for recapitalisation of banks
12:15 pm: FM: Disinvestment policy announced in last Budget to continue
12:14 pm: FM: New mechanism to list PSUs soon
12:05 pm: FM: MSCA to be amended to protect small investors
12:04 pm: FM: FIPB to be abolished in 2017-18
12:03 pm: FM: Strategic crude capacity to be increased to 15.33 million tonnes
12:01 pm: FM: Total allocation for infrastructure for 2017-18 stands at ₹ 3,96,135 crore
11:59 am: FM: ₹ 10,000 cr for Bharatnet project
11:59 am: FM: ₹ 64,000 cr allocated for roads and highways
11:58 am: FM: New metro rail policy soon to encourage private participation
11:58 am: FM: For overall transport sector ₹ 2,41,387 cr allocated in 2017-18
11:57 am: FM: No service tax on rail bookings through IRCTC
11:56 am: FM: Budget for National Highways stepped up
11:55 am: FM: 7000 railway stations to be solar powered
11:55 am: FM: All coaches of Railways to be fitted with bio-toilets by 2019
11:54 am: FM: Our focus is on Swach Railways
11:53 am: FM: Buget support to Railways at ₹ 55,000 cr
11:53 am: FM: 3500 km new railway lines to be commissioned next year
11:51 am: FM: Railways will focus on 4 major areas
11:49 am: FM: Allocation for Scheduled Castes up by 35 % in this budget
11:49 am: FM: Two new AIIMS to be set up in Jharkhand and Gujarat
11:47 am: FM: Govt targets to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025
11:46 am: FM: Banks have already started reducing lending rates
11:45 am: FM: Affordable housing to be given infrastructure status
11:44 am: FM: Nation-wide scheme for pregnant women already announced by PM
11:43 am: FM: Innovation fund for secondary education soon
11:43 am: FM: More autonomy to well-performing academic institutions
11:42 am: FM: 100 India Skill Centres to be established across the country
11:41 am: FM: Reforms in UGC for higher education
11:40 am: FM: Total allocation for rural agriculture and allied sectors increased to ₹ 1, 87, 223 cr, up by 24 %
11:38 am: FM: 100% electrification by May 2018
11:37 am: FM: Participation of women in MGNREGA up to 55%
11:36 am: FM: Budget provision for MNREGA increased from ₹38,500 to ₹ 48,000 cr
11:33 am: FM: A modern law on contract farming to come soon
11:31 am: FM: More steps to help farmers increase productivity
11:31 am: FM: Budget targets ₹ 10 lakh crore for farm credit
11:30 am: FM: Issuance of soil health cards has gathered momentum
11:30 am: FM: Coverage of Fasal Bima Yojna increased from 30% to 40%
11:26 am: FM on farmers: Agriculture expected to grow 4.1% in the current year with better monsoon
11:24 am: FM: Our agenda for the next year is to transform, energise and clean Inida
11:23 am: FM: Merger of the general Budget with the Railway Budget is historic
11:22 am: FM: Economic reforms for the benefit of the poor and underprivileged
11:22 am: FM: My overall approach in this Budget was to spend more in rural areas
11:20 am: FM: Pace of remonetisation has picked up
11:18 am: FM: Demonetisation has potential to generate long term benefits
11:17 am: FM: Demonetisation was a bold and decisive measure
11:16 am: FM: India has become 6th largest manufacturing economy in the world
11:14 am: FM: India stands out as a bright spot in world economic landscape
11:13 am: FM: Three major challenges for emerging economies
11:12 am: FM: Massive war on black money launched by Govt
11:11 am: FM: Govt is seen as a trusted custodian of public money
11:09 am: Finance Minister begins presenting the Budget in the Lok Sabha
11:08 am: Opposition demands that Lok Sabha be adjourned for the day as mark of respect for E Ahamed
11:05 am: Parliament condoles the demise of IUML leader and sitting Lok Sabha MP E Ahamed