First Day of IHC concluded with cultural events

SansadTV Bureau

unnamed2The Platinum Jubilee Session of the Indian History Congress on Sunday started with the inaugural speech of the Vice President of India, Dr. Hamid Ansari.

After the inaugural speech by the Vice President of India, the afternoon session began with six parallel sessions: Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Archaeology, Contemporary history of India and Countries other than India.

Presidential address were also delivered by different sections’ president.

Presidential address on Ancient India was delivered by M. Krishnakumari, Archaeology by Prof. G.L. Badam, Medieval India by Nadeem Razavi, Modern India by Amar Farooqui, Countries other than India was addressed by Arvind Sinha who spoke on new history writing in French history.

One of the most exciting address of today’s IHC was delivered by Prof. Santa Sinha who spoke about need and imperatives for Higher Education in India in her presidential address for the contemporary history section. She highlighted the way sectarian and narrow politics has brought the mentality of the society narrower and narrower and now it is time for revision of these frames and policies.

The inaugural day event ended with the cultural programs including Kuchipudi recital and Maati Ke Rang organised by the JNU students union.

Through the dance performance, the student union vividly described the different Colours of India.