Five lakh Rapid Test Kits received: ICMR

Annu Dewan
File photo: ICMR logo

File photo: ICMR logo

India on Thursday increased its testing capacity against the novel Coronavirus, with the Indian Council for medical research reporting that it had received 5 lakh Rapid Test kits.

Indian Council for Medical research’s Dr R Gangakhedkar said the kits manufactured by two 2 companies, Livzon and Wondfo “had over 80 per cent sensitivity and will be used for COVID-19 surveillance”.

He emphasised that these, “rapid COVID-19 test kits procured from China are not for early diagnosis, but only for epidemiology purposes.”

Comparing India’s test ratio to global figures, he said, “India tests 25 people for one positive case, while Japan tests as few as 11.7, Italy 6.7, US 5.3 and UK 3.4.”

The ICMR further revealed that India has a rapid Test Kit stock for up to 8 weeks.

The Union Health Ministry on Thursday informed that 325 districts in the country have no cases of COVID 19, while there are 27 other districts in 17 States where no positive case of COVID 19 has been reported in last 14 days. Mahe in Puducherry is a district where no case has been reported for the last 28 days.

The Union Health Ministry is now focusing on micro plans for clusters and outbreak containment of COVID-19 at the district level.

Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary to Health Ministry said, “An action plan has been prepared on strengthening our surveillance utilising the services of World health organisation’s national polio surveillance network,” he said.