Frustrate disruptive MPs, don’t adjourn Houses: Fali Nariman to LS Speaker & RS Chairman


Fali S. Nariman at Orientation programme for newly elected & nominated Rajya Sabha members on Aug 05, 2018

Fali S. Nariman at Orientation programme for newly elected & nominated Rajya Sabha members on Aug 05, 2018

Eminent jurist Fali Nariman on Aug 05, 2018 urged the presiding officers of the both Houses of Parliament to refrain from adjourning them even amid the “worst possible provocations” by disruptive MPs and frustrate their designs.

Expressing concern over persistent disruptions in Parliament, former Rajya Sabha member said the presiding officers “should remain cool and steadfast in the chair” despite MPs rushing into the well of the House and disrupting the proceedings.

“As long as the presiding officer is in the chair, the House is taken as in session and at least this raises some hope,” he said.

Nariman urged the Chairman of Rajya Sabha  and the Speaker of Lok Sabha not to adjourn the Houses despite worst provocations to do so, to frustrate disruptive MPs, Rajya Sabha secretariat said in a statement.

Addressing MPs on the second and the last day of the orientation programme for new members of Rajya Sabha, he said the first thing that one acquires on becoming an MP is the prefix ‘Hon’ble’ which cannot be shed during the whole tenure despite the conduct being contrary to that.

“So MPs should try to live up to that honour both during the membership and after. MPs should be conscious about being a privileged Member of Parliament and develop proper ‘work ethic’ to do justice to the people and the institution of Parliament,” the eminent jurist said.

Noting that even sitting without speaking in Parliament is an elevating experience, Nariman urged the MPs not to walk out of the Houses and even if they do so, return after a few minutes.

Lamenting the politics getting devoid of ethics, Nariman praised senior BJP leader L K Advani for resigning from Lok Sabha (in 1996) when mere initials (LK) were mentioned in Jain Hawala Diary and vowed to return only after acquittal.

Advani resigned as an MP in 1996 following allegations of his involvement in the infamous Hawala scam and he was consequently re-elected in 1998 after his name had been cleared. Entries found in the diaries of Hawala broker S K Jain were presented as crucial evidences against top politicians including Advani in the court by CBI.

Citing his own case, Nariman said that after realising that he was not able to do justice both as MP and lawyer, he gave up legal practice to focus on his parliamentary responsibilities.