Gandhis 'entitled' to 'stoop' to any level: BJP

As Priyanka Gandhi raked up the ‘snoopgate’ issue against Narendra Modi, BJP today hit back saying her remarks suggesting there should be no personal attacks meant that Gandhis are entitled to “stoop to any level” but others cannot target them.

“Sound bites for convenience rather than out of conviction seem to be Gandhi-Vadra strategy. I thought that Mrs Vadra made a good point when she suggested that no personal attacks should be made. In the very next breath, she raked up “snoopgate”. What she probably meant that no personal attacks against the Gandhis but the Gandhis are entitled to stoop to any level,” BJP leader Arun Jaitley said in an article.

Jaitley, who is the BJP candidate from Amritsar, said he was not in the holy city for conventional political activity but one which was more issue oriented and less personality oriented.

“I am not here for the conventional political activity. I am here to make a difference…Amritsar requires a different kind of politics. It should be increasingly become more issue oriented and less personality oriented. It is only then that the people here can collectively make a difference,” he said.

Jaitley also shared his vision for Amritsar, which was a clean city with broad roads, flyovers, elevated bus corridor, proper sewage and drainage system, public transport system, educational institutions and one with modern industries at the outskirts and buzzing with trade.

He said he visualised it as a primary tourism circuit where tourism infrastructure like restaurants, guest houses, hotels, dhabas are extensive, besides a world class sports complex, an amusement park, a walking bazaar where handicrafts are sold and a food street where people arrive from all over to enjoy the delicacies of Punjab.