Government bypassing Parl Committees: Opposition

RSTV Bureau

rajya_sabha2Opposition parties in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday charged the Union government with making Parliamentary Standing Committees “irrelevant” by bypassing them while passing legislation.

Opposition led by the Congress party, raised the issue during the Zero Hour. Congress party’s Deputy Leader Anand Sharma said out of 51 new bills brought by the government, 43 have not been sent to any standing committee.

“If bills are not going through the scrutiny of standing committees, what does the government proposes to do with standing committees? … Standing committees have to continue, legislative scrutiny cannot be bypassed,” he said.

Charging the government with bypassing these panels by introducing all bills in the Lower House, where the government has a “brute majority”, Sharma added “It is a matter of concern that standing committees are being virtually made worthless and irrelevant,” he said. “Government must come clean on this. Why are you avoiding Parliamentary scrutiny?”

As almost the entire opposition associated with the Sharma’s mention, Samajwadi Party member Naresh Agarwal said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a member of the Standing Committee on Finance while senior BJP leader L K Advani too is a member of one of the panels.

Observing that there was a difference between a Standing Committee and a Select Committee, to which bills like insurance amendment bill was referred, he said standing committees comprise of both Houses while select committee belongs to only one House.

Terming the Standing Committees as “mini Parliament”, Sharad Yadav (JD-U) said the sittings of Parliament were getting reduced. “It is difficult to build institutions and easy to demolish them,” he said.

While the Opposition members wanted the government to respond, none of the ministers present including Leader of the House and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley chose to reply.