Governor’s post has become a white elephant: Shiv Sena

SansadTV Bureau

governer_beniwalCalling gubernatorial posts as ‘white elephants’, Shiv Sena backed Kamla Beniwal’s sacking as Mizoram Governor on Saturday and said that “Congress has reaped what it sowed”.

“Defeated Congress leaders are shedding tears over Beniwal’s removal, calling it vindictive politics,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana said.

“But what is wrong if the (Narendra) Modi government carried on the Congress’ tradition of removing Governors after coming to power,” it asked.

“It is agreed that the Governor’s post is constitutional. But Congress, which ruled the country for most of the years, misused it for their benefit and to ensure inconvenience to political rivals,” the Sena said.

“That is why there were instances which damaged the dignity of the post,” the editorial said.

“To tell the truth, the posts of Governors have become white elephants. . . . We should decide whether to nurture these white elephants, and how much to struggle for them,” it said.

Attacking Beniwal, it claimed, “While She was Gujarat Governor, Beniwal freely used the government plane and helicopter to travel to Jaipur. She used the chopper 69 times. Due to such excessive expenditure, there was a burden of Rs 1200 crore on the state exchequer.”

“Congressmen should remember that making noise over Beniwal’s removal won’t be of any use,” the editorial said, adding, “If they try to corner the Modi government on the issue, they will fall on their faces.”