Govt admits to ‘ideological differences’ with PDP

RSTV Bureau

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Under attack over release of separatist Masarat Alam in Jammu and Kashmir, government on Monday admitted to “ideological differences” between BJP and PDP and said it is ready to make any “sacrifice” for national integrity.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh asserted in Rajya Sabha that no one, howsoever powerful, will be allowed to play with the unity and integrity of the country as he sought to allay concerns of members over Alam’s release.

Singh, who made a statement and replied to clarifications, insisted that there was “no hidden agenda” and the Centre has sought answers from the state government, in which BJP is a part, over the decision to release Alam.

“There is no doubt that there are ideological differences between BJP and PDP. We have never had any relationship with the PDP in the past. They are with us only for 10 days. Whatever influence is there, it must be yours on them. You had been with them in power in past..,” he told the Congress, which has had a coalition government with PDP in the state earlier.

Asserting that Jammu and Kashmir was, is and will be an integral part of the country, the Home Minister said, “no one howsoever powerful will be allowed to play with the security, unity and integrity of India. We are ready to give any sacrifice that is required.”

Singh said he was speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was present in the House as he insisted that there was “no hidden agenda” or “behind the scene talks” over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir.

There is “no question of any compromise with a traitor,” he said.

“Our agenda is never hidden. Our agenda is always very open. We are not the one who operate behind curtains,” he said as he described the meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Mufti Mohammed Sayeed ahead of government formation as “normal courtesy”, he said.