BJP will not grow at the cost of the allies: Rao

Neelu Vyas

BJP’s National General Secretary and senior leader P Muralidhar Rao spoke to Rajya Sabha TV’s Neelu Vyas and discussed on crucial issues concerning countries economy and policy.

Here are some excerpts from Rao’s interview on RSTV’s To The Point

Q: Why was this national executive known as the extended national executive?

A: We are celebrating the centenary of Deendayal Upadhyaya. This was a closing ceremony, where leaders from across all states came. The closing program came to an end. On this occasion, we decided we thought of inviting all elected representatives MLAs and MLCs. We also reviewed the yearlong program and also plan about the coming does.

 Q: National executive comes months ahead the crucial elections, was it some kind of a message to tell them look this is time to pull up socks.

A: Now you have elections all the year round, it has become a routine exercise. Our national president Amit Shah spoke to the leaders that we have achieved a lot in the last three years but we need to work at the panchayat level, block level. The sense of satisfaction does not creep we had to caution the leaders especially leaders from east and south.

Q: Political victory BJP has, on the economic front opposition has raised questions and is there reasons to worry for the government?

A: From 2014 onwards opposition especially opposition led by Congress and communists have not been able to come with a positive agenda. Each and every time they oppose they bring fleeting and transient issues. Lynchinggharwapsi, award wapsi, these issues don’t register.

After demonetisation and GST, disruption has taken place, this is a transition phase, shifting is taking place, there are troubles, it takes time, there are problems for governments, traders etc. But in the long term, all these problems will get resolved and settled. Government is working on different escalators like doubling farmer’s income, road infrastructure, rail infrastructure is growing.  Adjustments take time.

Q: During this transitional phase there is a lot of negative perception about the government?

A: Opposition has not won a single election even after a single reform process all programs are related to poor. Government is ensuring all things reach to the last man in the mile. We want to empower the poor. We have battled corruption to a large extent.

Q: Arvind Subramanium says the economy is facing headwinds when the common man reads a report like this will you tell the common man?

A: We should not view this statement that is under siege. The economy is integrated globally. We have been influenced by outside factors. We have to keep the pace intact. We will rate changes. Multiple headwinds are not because of demonetisation and GST but there are other factors globally. Government and it is leadership is expected to take up these challenges.

Q: Economic advisory, is it an acknowledgment of the fact that economy is not going in the right direction?

A: If you have followed the government’s approach, Prime Minister has always taken initiatives to take ideas to tackle the problems. He has always believed in taking suggestions. This government is always taking new initiatives in tackling the problems. We want people to participate. We should not see it as a problem or lack or inadequacy and the government is forced to form the advisory council

Q: Should we see the economic advisory council as a step to fixing or fast-tracking the economy?

A: The whole issue is the country is a population of one billion people. The labour market is growing, skills are needed. There has to be a diversified economy. Keeping all this in view forming a council with different skill sets will assist the government better

P Muralidhar RaoQ: Will it be a suo moto decision of the Prime Minister? What about the terms of reference of this council

PM has always taken the road with a systemic approach. He wants to work with the system. Ideas will be generated; it will be processed through ministerial teams. This will be the approach.

Q: BJP promised 2 crore jobs, skilling is happening, job creation has not been up to the mark?

The government has always our party philosophy and economic programs and the present government, we have always viewed the private sector, organized public sector they are not sources of job creation. Self-employment is the most important. Mudra is an institutionalized for small entrepreneurs. In this country, big players no but micro level entrepreneurs will act as the main source of and jobs. This will be a game-changing aspect.

Q: Crucial time is lost for the government because elections are happening at frequent intervals, is the government not worried that it could lose out on the perception battle, the government is not left with not too many answers?

A: People are not suspecting about the capacity of Modiji and his government. PM has declared that by five years farmers’ income will be doubled. Maximum employment will be in the agriculture sector. These issues are very seriously taken. Whenweare approaching the jobs issues, we look at the inflation at the lowest level. We are concerned about that. We have addressed the peoples concern in multiple ways. This is just propaganda by the opposition. People understand the government. This government is capable and leadership is motivated.

Q: Why is the government not able to control the fuel prices?

A: This is a motivated misinformation campaign by the opposition. The framework has completely changed. The finance minister has sad opposition is raising issues for the heck of it. A government cannot compromise on the revenues. It’s a false accusation, people will finally understand.

Q: How is Saubhagya scheme different from Deen Dayal Gram Jyoti Yojna

A: This is more focused. We are living in 21st century India; there are families which do not have electricity connection. Even after seventy years of freedom how can we talk of empowerment how will children read how women will work? This government has taken a firm decision with a target. Saubhagyayojna will change the lives of deprived families. It’s a democratic empowerment. When you empower the people at the lowest end, it vs shared democracy. We have the sankalpa, keeping that in mind the milestone. Ultimately Modi government has given a powerful message. All schemes are interconnected whether it’s Jan Dhan, Mudra, sanitation etc. It is creating an umbrella chain schemes so that all poor families are caught in a supportive net. Through Direct Benefit Transfer, people are empowered.

Q: What about the political roadmap of the party?

A: BJP is in a unique position. From panchayat to Parliament BJP enjoys dominance. Congress is not able to revive. BJP has spread over the nation. We have two objectives one is 2019 parliament elections. We need further growth. Second is an eastern and southern state. We have to replace the old framework. BJP will take advantage of this. BJP will not grow at the cost of the allies; there is a lot of space outside TDP, BJD etc.