‘Govt instituting rational framework for land acquisition’

RSTV Bureau

File Photo(PTI)

Under attack over Land Ordinance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the government was instituting a “rational framework” for acquisition of land, without causing distress to farmers and other landowners.

“We are instituting a rational framework for acquisition of land without causing distress to farmers and other landowners,” he said in Hannover while wooing global investors to India during his address at the inauguration of Hannover Fair.

He did not elaborate, but was clearly sending out a message to the business community that land acquisition would not be a problem.

“We are creating a predictable and transparent environment approval process that will protect our natural heritage…With transparency and speed, we have resumed long-stalled projects and allocation of resources. This is adding new momentum to our economy,” the Prime Minister said.

His remarks on Land Acquisition Ordinance assume significance as the Opposition is stepping up a joint campaign against the government over the issue.

The Opposition parties demand the passage of the original land bill passed during the UPA dispensation, and have termed the new bill anti-farmer.

Congress has accused the government of “bending over backwards” to favour industrialists. While the government has alleged that the Opposition is “misleading” public on the issue.

The bill on Land Acquisition, which provides for amending the Act of 2013, was passed by the Lok Sabha during the first half of Budget session but it got stuck due to opposition in the Rajya Sabha where the ruling NDA is woefully short of numbers.

On April 3, the government re-promulgated the land acquisition ordinance, a day before it was to lapse.

The land ordinance was among the six executive orders issued by the government in the inter-Budget session period. While five of them were cleared by Parliament, the land measure is stuck.