‘Govt eyeing on madrasas with foreign teachers’

RSTV Bureau

Rajnath_2Government  said on Thursday  it is monitoring the activities of some madrasas over suspicions that foreign teachers there were indoctrinating young students in the jihadi ideology.

“We are keeping an eye on every activity,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters on the sidelines of a function.

He was replying to a question over reports of Bangladeshi nationals teaching students at a madrasa in West Bengal’s Burdwan and Centre’s plans to conduct a survey to check whether foreign nationals were deployed in seminaries.

The Burdwan madrasa’s teachers, affiliated to banned terror group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), were allegedly involved in indoctrinating young students and attracting them to jihadi ideology.

A secret report submitted to the Home Ministry by security agencies has suggested that madrasas with Indian teachers were not involved in any jihadi or separatist activities or indoctrination.

The report has red-flagged madrasas which have teachers of Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin, saying there are examples of such madrasas actively radicalising young minds.

Appeals to Naxals to shun violence, join mainstream

Making it clear violence has no place in a democracy and that the killing of innocents leads to nowhere, Home Minister Rajnath Singh today asked the Naxals to abjure violence and join the mainstream.

Addressing the 75th raising day of CRPF, Singh said that Mao Zedong’s ideology, which is being followed by the CPI (Maoist) in India, is forgotten even in China, the country where he had founded the Communist state.

“But here (in India) you (Naxals) are killing your innocent countrymen by following that ideology. I would like to appeal to the Naxals to shun violence.

“Our democratic values are very strong. I would like to ask them to change the power through democracy and not by guns,” he said after taking the salute at an impressive parade by CRPF personnel.