Govt releases guidance document to manage COVID-19 cases

Annu Dewan
File photo: Health Ministry Press Conference (PTI)

File photo: Health Ministry Press Conference (PTI)

The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday issued a guidance document for the proper management of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country.

“As the number of cases increases, it would be important to appropriately prepare the health systems and use the existing resources judicially.” says the document.

It further adds that, “Available data in India suggests that nearly 70% of cases affected with COVID-19 either exhibit mild or very mild symptoms. Such cases may not require admission to COVID-19 blocks/ dedicated COVID-19 hospitals.”

The document prescribes three types of facilities for the different categories of COVID-19 cases:

1) COVID care centre for mild cases or suspected cases: These may be set up in hostels, hotels, schools, stadiums, lodges etc by both public and private bodies.

2) Dedicated COVID health care for all cases that have been clinically assigned or moderate: These places can either be a full hospital or a separate block in a hospital with preferably separate entry, exit and zoning areas. Further a separate area for the suspect and confirmed cases is recommended while emphasising that suspect and confirmed cases must not be allowed to mix under any circumstances.

3) Dedicated COVID hospitals for severe symptoms: These hospitals will offer comprehensive care primarily for those clinically assigned as severe. The Dedicated COVID hospitals are either a full hospital or a separate block in a hospital with preferably separate entry and exit points.

According to Health Ministry figures on Tuesday, the number of positive cases has near 4500. While there have been 117 deaths so far, 326 people have recovered.