Govt slams oppn for Rajya Sabha logjam

SansadTV Bureau

The government on Thursday attacked the opposition parties for stalling proceedings in Rajya Sabha, saying they are now in search of some excuse to justify their behaviour.

“Even some of the legislations in the Lok Sabha was supported by Congress party also. But the same party is behaving in a different manner in Rajya Sabha, trying to make a issue out of a non-issue. They are now searching for some excuse to justify their behaviour. I do not think they will get any support from anybody,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said outside Parliament House.

He asserted that the opposition parties cannot make the government accept whatever they are expecting.

“Three full days, what is the guarantee that they will allow again? They are just trying to find some excuse. They went to a situation where they do not know how to come back…”

“Please join the debate, discuss it and move forward. Whatever you want to say in the debate, you can say during the debate. Whatever the government want to respond we will respond. You cannot make us accept what you want. That is not democracy,” Naidu said.

The minister said the opposition parties were “confused and divided” and added the government cannot be blamed for the prevailing situation.