Govt working fast to rebuild banking sector: Jaitley

RSTV Bureau

Modi government is working on a plan to rebuild the capacity of the banking sector, said Union finance minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday while interacting with students US, where he is on a week-long visit.

Underlining that banking sector is an important contributor to the growth in India, he said reforming the banking system is the top agenda of the government.

“Today, with global growth turning around, we are working to put up an actual plan in play to deal with the banking situation, which is top of our agenda. We need to rebuild the capacity (of the banking sector),” Jaitley told students of Harvard University in Boston.

He also blamed the previous dispensations for the slack in banking sector.

“I inherited a banking system whose monies were lying in non-performing assets…are unable to service the debt. We are faced with a catch-22 situation as to how do we improve the capacity of the banks so that they can support growth,” he said.

So, all these factors together adversely impacted the private sector, the minister said.

Finance Minister Arun jaitley arrives at New York's John F Kennedy airport

Finance Minister Arun jaitley

Jaitley, however, also noted that bigger enterprises did not suffer, because they approached the bond market and foreign funding which were available at much cheaper rates. They did not had to go to th Indian banks.

It is small and medium-sized enterprises that need the support of the banking system, Jaitley said, noting that SMEs are huge job creators.

“That’s where the problem really is as far as the private sector is concerned,” Jaitley said.

Responding to a question, Jaitley refuted the notion that private sector is not expanding.

“Expansion of private sector is taking place. The last quarter, which was otherwise not encouraging, indicated that the investment graph itself has turned positive. A lot of investment is taking place,” he said.

While India grew as India’s economy grew at a fast pace between 8 and 9 per cent, the expansion of the private sector was “limitless”.

This was accompanied by an immediate slowdown in the global economy as a result of which major segments of Indian economy got impacted — steel, infrastructure which was due to poor management, power mainly because of corruption, he said.

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