Home Minister blames UP for Dadri incident

RSTV Bureau

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There is no end to the political blame game over the lynching of a man in Dadri in UP. On Friday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh blamed Uttar Pradesh’s law and order situation for the incident.

“The question of law and order is directly connected with the state as it is the prime responsibility of the state…if they ask for help we can give, but the Constitution does not permit us to directly intervene in it,” the Home Minister said.

“It is the prime responsibility of the state to maintain law and order…we can assure that we will cooperate and provide force, if they ask for it… I have already said such incidents are unfortunate but Centre has certain limitations,” Rajnath explained.

Rajnath’s comments come a day after PM Modi appealed for communal harmony and urged people to ignore ‘irresponsible’ statements made by politicians.

Addressing an election rally in Bihar, PM Modi said, “I want to tell the countrymen, some small time politicians are hell bent upon making irresponsible statements for their political interests…. Such statements should end… I want to urge people not to pay attention to such statements, even if Narendra Modi himself says”.

Political blame game has been on since a 50-year-old man was lynched to death by a mob in Dadri in UP over rumours that he ate beef.

On Friday morning, Home Minister Rajnath Singh also said that some parties may be gaining political mileage from the incident.

“It could be true that some persons might be trying to take mileage by creating communal tension but in a healthy democracy this should not be done,” Rajnath said.

The Home Minster again appealed for peace and calm saying, “Efforts should be to maintain communal amity and brotherhood…this is the primary and moral duty of all political parties and they should fulfill it.”

On the ongoing probe, Rajnath Singh said, “Report on Dadri and other such incidents was sought directly and later an advisory was also issued to UP and other states to take firm steps to maintain communal amity.”

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