India and Pak can resolve their issue on its own: US

SansadTV Bureau

Kerry_namasteCalling Pakistan a “responsible stakeholder” in the issues concerning security and counter-terrorism, the United States establishment has backed both India and Pakistan in resolving their issues peacefully. Hoping the two neighbours resolve all issues on their own, the US authorities did agree to the rise of tension between the two. Earlier last week, Secrtary of State John Kerry had expressed his concern over Indo-Pak tension while speaking to the Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif.

“You heard Secretary Kerry talk on this very issue…about his concerns about tensions between India and Pakistan right now and our continued belief that both sides need to work these issues out peaceably and on their own,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby told the press.

The state department spokesperson also spelled its stand on Pakistan vis-a-vis regional security in South Asia.

“Our expectation continues to be that Pakistan will be a responsible stakeholder on security issues, in particular the nuclear issue,” John Kirby added.

India and Pakistan has off late seen a rise in tension in the shape of cross-border exchange and recently the spar or words between the politicians of the two nations after India’s successful anti-insurgent operation in its north-eastern border along Myanmar.

Last week, the Secretary of State had made a telephone call to Pakistan Prime Minister to greet him on the eve of holy month of Ramadan. In his conversation with PM Sharif, John Kerry had expressed concerns over the relationships between two the countries.

“These are two very, very important countries playing a critical role with respect to regional interests, and it’s very, very important that there be no misinterpretation or miscalculation with respect to any of the back-and-forth and the empowerment some entities might feel as a result of that,” Kerry further said.

David Hale, the nominee for the US Ambassador to Pakistan, also spoke over the issues while addressing the US lawmakers during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, “Pakistan’s relationship with India is critical to Pakistan’s future. The normalisation of relations between the two countries is vital, both to them and to the region.”

On its part, India has always maintained that as a sovereign nation it can address as well as resolve the issue with neighbour nation on its own and there is no need for a third party intervention. Even as the war of words heated up between the politicians of the two countries, Prime Minister Modi continued with the diplomatic endeavours wishing his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif on the occasion of holy month of Ramzan.

(With inputs from the PTI)