India, Pakistan cannot raise bilateral issues at SCO, says China

SansadTV Bureau

India n PakistanJust days after India and Pakistan became full members of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), China has dismissed apprehensions about the differences between them being raised at the grouping.

“In the charter of the SCO there is a clause that the hostility between the bilateral relations should not be brought to the organisation. I believe both the countries (India and Pakistan) will abide by the charter of the organisation,” China’s Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou said at a ceremony at the SCO headquarters where both the countries were formally admitted to the grouping.

“As a founding member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), we are very happy about the membership of India and Pakistan,” Kong added.

The SCO headquarters held a ceremony today to hoist the flags of India and Pakistan.

Indian Ambassador to China Vijay Gokhale and his Pakistan counterpart Masood Khalid attended the ceremony which included jointly beating a huge SCO cooperation drum heralding the admission of their respective countries into the grouping.

India and Pakistan were formally admitted as members at Kazakhstan capital Astana at the SCO summit held on June 8-9.

China, Russia and Central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan besides India and Pakistan are the members of the grouping. Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia are the observers.

China takes over the rotating Presidency of the group this year from Kazakhstan.

Kong, who attended the ceremony, in a brief chat with reporters allayed apprehensions aired by the state-run Chinese media that entry of India and Pakistan could disrupt the unity of SCO.

“SCO has its own rules of procedures. We hope that those rules can be abided by all member states,” he said, adding that India-Pakistan differences should not be exaggerated.

“Between our member states our interests far outweigh our differences. So, we should not exaggerate the differences between the countries as it is not good for the organisation and cooperation between member states. After becoming members, we all become members of the big family,” he said.

China believes the entry of India and Pakistan “will guarantee very good cooperation in the organisation,” he said.

“Both countries are important in the region and China, Pakistan and India are in similar stage of development. We face similar challenges. Therefore, we hope that through this organisation we can work together to overcome these challenges,” he said.

However, Pakistani envoy said that he hoped that SCO would address contentious issues between India and Pakistan.

“I hope so. It provides a multilateral platform where both of our countries will be there. They will be represented. There will be opportunities for interaction,” Pakistani Ambassador to China Masood Khalid said.

“We are part of the region. As far as Pakistan is concerned we will make all possible efforts to promote peace and stability in the region and work together as active partners within the SCO to pursue common objectives of development, peace and security. I think historic day that way,”  Khalid told PTI.

(With inputs from agencies)