Internet firms asked to remove Blue Whale Challenge game

RSTV Bureau

In a significant development, Centre has directed internet majors – Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo – to immediately remove the web links of dangerous online game Blue Whale Challenge, which has led to suicide of children in India and other countries.

The Blue Whale challenge is reportedly a suicide game in which the player is given certain tasks to complete for a period of 50 days and the final task leads to suicide.

The player is also asked to share photos after finishing the challenge.

“Instances of children committing suicide while playing Blue Whale Challenge have been reported in India…You are hereby requested to ensure that any such link of this deadly game in its own name or similar game is immediately removed from your platform,” Ministry of Electronics and IT said in a letter dated August 11 to the internet majors.

The letter was issued following instructions from Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, an official source said.

Expressing concern on availability of such deadly game on internet, the ministry said, “it is understood that an administrator of the game uses social media platform to invite/incite children to play this game, which may eventually lead them to take extreme steps for self inflicting injuries including suicide”.

Mumbai and West Midnapore district have reported deaths linked to this game.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT also said the proponent of Blue Whale Challenge should be reported to law enforcement agencies.

(With inputs from PTI)