Invoking Prez message, PM calls for unity and harmony

RSTV Bureau
New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee teaching students at a Government School on the eve of Teachers Day in New Delhi.  Photo - PTI

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Addressing an election rally in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out a message of unity and Communal harmony, amid the rise in the incidents of hate mongering. PM Modi’s words are seen as breaking of his silence over communal overtones in the wake of Dadri incident, where a 50-year-old man was killed by a mob over the rumours that he ate beef. The shocking incident last week has given way to series of sharp reactions ranging from strongly condemning the incident, giving up of prestigious honours by the poets and authors to even questioning the PM’s silence.

Without referring to any particular incident, Prime Minister invoked President Pranab Mukherjee’s message, saying the countrymen should follow the path preserving the core values of diversity, tolerance and plurality.

“Yesterday, the President showed the path. Whatever the head of the country of 125 crore people has said, there can be no bigger message, no bigger direction, no bigger inspiration than that,” PM Modi said adding “if you need to pay heed, it should be to the message and guidance given by the President.”

President Pranab Mukherjee, while addressing a function at Rashtrapati Bhawan on Wednesday, had said that “I firmly believe that we cannot allow the core values of our civilisation to be wasted and the core values is what, over the years, the civilisation celebrated diversity, promoted and advocated tolerance, endurance and plurality.”

The Prime Minister, though did not refer to any particular incident of communal violence, but said that Hindus and Muslims must work together against poverty and ignore “irresponsible” statements made by politicians.

“I have said it earlier also. We have to decide whether Hindus should fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims should decide whether to fight Hindus or poverty….The country will benefit only when Hindus and Muslims together fight poverty and defeat it… The country has to stay united,” PM Modi said while addressing an election rally in Bihar.

Further stressing that he stands against the politics of hate, the Prime Minister said, “It is the unity, communal harmony, brotherhood and peace that will take the nation forward.”

He also urged people to ignore the “irresponsible” statements made by politicians and added that some of them are doing so for political interests and it should end.

“I want to tell the countrymen, some small time politicians are hell bent on making irresponsible statements for their political interests…. Such statements should end… I want to urge people not to pay attention to such statements, even if Narendra Modi himself says,” PM Modi emphasised.

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