Islamabad's lone cinema shut during Ramzan

Entertainment-starved residents of Pakistan’s capital were deprived of their sole recreation after authorities shut down the city’s only cinema hall for screening movies during Ramzan, a police official said.

Cineplex theatre was launched last year by a private company in the Centaurus Shopping Mall and played local and foreign films.

Police raided the cinema yesterday on a complaint by a person who asked police to proceed against the cinema under
Ehtram-e-Ramadan Ordinance.

“The cinema has been closed for indefinite period for showing films at time of Iftar and Traveh prayer (night prayer
offered in Ramzan),” said a police official.

The raid was conducted at about 5 pm which caused panic among dozens of people present at the mall for Eid shopping.

Police also arrested five employees of the cinema.

Under the law the theatre could be sealed for six months besides fine and jail terms to the accused.