Israel warns Gazans to flee, toll rises to 208

RSTV Bureau

gaza_attackIsrael has stepped up its military offensive in Gaza saying it has “no choice” and has asked thousands of Palestinians in the coastal strip to leave their homes amid speculation that a ground operation could follow even as the death toll reached 208 amid air strikes.

An Egypt mediated truce initiative on Tuesday failed to halt rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas militants and other groups who called it “capitulation and surrender”, choosing to continue with rocket and mortar fire.

Israel, which suffered its first fatality on Tuesday in a mortar attack at the Ere crossing, said senior Hamas militants had died in strikes on Gaza overnight.

Palestinian medics in Gaza claimed that 208 people had so far been killed in Israeli raids, including 10 overnight, and more than a 1,000 injured in the last nine days of Operation Protective Edge launched by Israel.

Among those reported killed was a five-month-old baby, Palestinian medics said charging Israel of having killed mostly innocent civilians.

Israel has accused Hamas and other Gaza-based militant factions of using civilians as human shields as activists of the groups went around telling people not to evacuate homes.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) dropped leaflets and used recorded phone messages to warn some 100,000 residents of Gaza to leave their homes before 8 AM on Wednesday.

The warning came as militants continued to fire rockets at Israeli cities, the IDF said, adding that its Iron Dome missile shield had intercepted four rockets launched at Tel Aviv.

Air Campaign limitations

Following continued rocket attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he now had no choice but to “expand and intensify the campaign against Hamas” and that “When there is no ceasefire, our answer is fire”.

“This would have been better resolved diplomatically… but Hamas leaves us no choice but to expand and intensify the campaign against it,” he said.