ISRO successfully launches 20 satellites in one go…

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File Photo: A rocket launch by ISRO.

File Photo: A rocket launch by ISRO.

India’s Space Research Organisation scripted new history on Wednesday after it launched 20 satellites in one go. At 9:26 a.m on June 22, ISRO’s workhorse PSLV C-34 lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota placing 20 satellites in respective orbits in one go…

“Mission is successful. We had 17 satellites based on commercial transactions… 3 Indian satellites were there which collaborated with students were,” said ISRO in a statement.

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C-34 designed by ISRO injected India’s own Cartosat-2 series and 19 other satellites of U.S., Germany, Canada and Indonesia making it a second mass induction after 2008. ISRO had earlier sent 10 satellites into various low earth orbits in a single launch.

President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  congratulated ISRO for the successful launch of a record 20 satellites.

“Heartiest congratulations to ISRO Team on successful launch of PSLV-C34 carrying a record 20 satellites “, the President said in a tweet.

“20 satellites in a go, ISRO continues to break new barriers. Hearty congratulations to our scientists on the monumental accomplishment,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after ISRO declared the mission 20 in 1 a success.

Commending ISRO’s success in space research, Prime Minister Modi said that India’s space programme has time and again shown the transformative potential of science & technology in people’s lives.

“Over the years we developed expertise & capability to help other nations in their space initiatives. This is the skill of our scientists,” said the Prime Minister.

ISRO scientists monitoring PSLV after launch. Photo-ISRO

ISRO scientists monitoring PSLV after launch.

India’s Satellites Sathyabamasat and Swayam are also part of the 20-contingent launched on Wednesday.

Sathyabamasat is developed by Sathyabama University in Chennai is expected to collect data on green house gases like water vapour, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen fluoride. Swayam, developed by a Pune based Engineering college provides point to point messaging services to the HAM Community after deployed in orbit.

“Saw with immense joy that students from institutions in Pune & Chennai played a role in the making of satellites. This touched me,” said the PM

Goggles satelliteSkySat3, launched by ISRO is small Earth imaging satellite designed and built by Terra Bella. The 110 kg satellite is capable of capturing sub-meter resolution imagery and HD video.
Countdown for the historic launch of 20 satellites began on Monday. The successful mission carries LAPAN A3 of Indonesia, BIROS of Germany, SKYSAT GEN 2-1 of US, MVV of Germany among the micro satellites.