Jay Panda: Parl deadlock most unfortunate

Neelu Vyas

The Monsoon Session of Parliament is running into its second week with no business transacted. Fear of a complete washout is looming large says Biju Janta Dal (BJD) Leader Baijayant Jay Panda. BJD is known to maintain an equidistant posture both from the BJP and the Congress in the Parliament. Jay Panda spoke to Rajya Sabha TV’s Neelu Vyas in an exclusive interview.

Here are some excerpts:

What is the future of the Monsoon Session given the limited number of days left?

Parliament deadlock is most unfortunate. The main reason for the deadlock is the ego involved between the treasury benches and the Opposition leaders. BJD wants to put the government on the mat but at the same time it wants a debate in the house on Vyapam and Lalit gate so that names in question can get a chance to put their side of the story across. Parliament should hold the government accountable.

Isn’t the Congress practicing a tit for tat policy?

The government is now reaping what it sowed. The Opposition is suffering more than the government.

Do you think political parties are leveraging this Session for Bihar elections?

I regret that some political parties are leveraging the Monsoon Session to harness political dividends in Bihar elections. There are political parties which are using the Parliament like an election event.

Now that the Modi government has decided all leases will be auctioned what happens to POSCO?

Targeting the Centre on not moving forward in the case of South Korean steel giant POSCO, Panda says that his party is not against the auction but the Centre and the state together have to focus on a prioritisation process so that international investors don’t flee.

Do you think the Centre is indulging in mathematical jugglery as far as devolution of funds to the states is concerned?

Keeping up the heat on the Modi government Jay Panda said that cooperative Federalism is not being practised the way it’s preached and that the centre is indulging in mere mathematical jugglery as far as devolution of funds is concerned. Funds to states have definitely come down.

Do you think ‘achhe din’ have arrived?

I have no comments on ‘achhe din’.