Why Jharkhand lags behind Chhattisgarh, asks PM Modi

RSTV Bureau

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said while Chhattisgarh has already been developed into a new capital city in Raipur, Jharkhand lagged behind in that respect, despite the two states carved out around the same time.

“Now Chhattisgarh is strong and there is a new capital in Raipur (while) everything is on hire in Jharkhand,” Modi said alluding to government offices housed in hired buildings in the eastern state.

Modi was addressing an election rally at ranchi to canvass votes for BJP and AJSU party candidates in the ensuing assembly elections.

Taking a swipe at JMM supremo Shibu Soren and his Chief Minister Son Hemant Soren, Modi said, “This father and son will not do anything expect serving their own interests. Sometimes going with Congress and sometimes with others.”

To drive home his point that development could usher in Jharkhand as well, Modi recalled how he brought drinking water to Gujarat’s Kutch through huge pipes when he was the chief minister.

“The father/son can drive a car through the big pipes,” the Prime Minister said in a lighter vein about the Sorens.

“Change can happen. Give majority to the BJP and I will take responsibility in nursing and bringing up the state,” claimed Modi.

The erstwhile Babulal Marandi-led NDA government had mooted the proposal for a “Greater Ranchi” soon after creation of the state, but it was shelved as governments fell like nine pins and Jharkhand was in the midst of electing its tenth government.