Karnataka has answered those spreading lies: PM Modi

Rajat Kain

PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah addressed their party workers in Delhi after Karnataka assembly polls. While BJP emerged as the single largest party, it fell short of the majority mark.

Thanking Amit Shah for the “victorious” electoral strategy, Prime Minister Modi called the results as “exceptional and unprecedented”.

Thanking the workers of the party for their all out effort, Modi said, “Many salute to all the workers who gave so much all the time”. “We will not spare any effort in working for the good of the people… we will never look back in the development of Karnataka,” he said

“People of Karnataka have answered those spreading lies,” the Prime Minister said adding that it is also jolt to those who think BJP is a party of Hindi speaking states.

“People of Karnataka broke the barrier of language with me. They were ready to hear me all the time in whatever language I spoke,” he said.

Modi also referred to the political violence in West Bengal during the polling for Panchayat elections on Monday. “Democracy has been attacked in West Bengal… It is a grave concern. All political parties are affected by violence in West Bengal,” he said.

Speaking before Prime Minister, BJP president Amit Shah took on the Congress party, which lost but remains in fray to be part of ruling coalition with the JDS, saying its move to split Lingayat community backfired.

“Congress tried to divide people on the lines of caste, used money and muscle power but couldn’t defeat the workers of the BJP,” Amit Shah said.

Lauding the Prime Minister, he said that BJP’s victory march will not stop. “We’ll not just form the government in 2019 under the leadership of Narendra Modi but we will transform India by 2022,” said Shah.