Kashmir is never going to be part of Pakistan: Farooq

SansadTV Bureau

File photo (PTI)

Strongly asserting that Jammu & Kashmir has always been an integral part of Indian union, former Chief Minister of the state Farooq Abdullah said that Kashmir would never be a part of Pakistan. Mr. Abdullah, who is also the chief of major state level political party National Conference, further opined that a dialogue between India and Pakistan is the best way to “move forward”.

“They (Pakistan) are not going to get Kashmir even if they try over the sky. That is not going to happen,” Farooq Abdullah said while participating in an event at London on Friday night asserting that “the truth is, Kashmir is never going to be part of Pakistan, whether Farooq Abdullah lives or dies. It is never going to happen in many centuries to come”.

Former R&AW chief AS Dulat, who recently released a book titled ‘Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years’ too was present at an event titled ‘A Conversation on Jammu and Kashmir’.

Thoroughly rejecting the notion that the threat of a nuclear war would solve the Kashmir issue, the former Chief Minister of the state said, “What is important is dialogue between the two nations to get to some point of understanding.”

“There is no way, by threats of war or using atom bomb and saying we have nuclear weapon, that does not solve the problem. What we have to do is find ways and means, whether it is Track II or III, to get to some position of understanding”, Mr. Abdullah added.

Strongly targeting the Pakistan establishment over its policy on terrorism, Farooq Abdullah said, “why cause further miseries for nothing… Why don’t they realise it is the Muslim population dying this side and Muslim population that is dying that side”.

“They bomb us and we bomb them. It is innocent people who die. How long… 65 years. Enough. I would like to tell both India and Pakistan: For God’s sake. Enough is enough. Let us get together and move forward rather than live in tragedies,” Abdullah said passionately.

Summarising his thoughts, the septuagenarian leader said “I would love to see the day I can drive right through to Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. My grandfather, my uncle are buried in Lahore. I cannot go there. When I die you cannot stop my soul from going there.”

(With inputs from the PTI)