Kejriwal apologises; Family and Delhi Police blames AAP

Rajat Kain

AAP_suicideUnder criticism for being a witness to the suicide committed by a farmer barely few yards away from him, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tendered his apology to the press.

The Chief Minister had continued his party’s rally and even spoke after the act of suicide by a 42 year old farmer in the capital on Wednesday.

I think I was wrong, I should not have spoken. I didn’t think of it at that time. I apologise if I hurt anyone,” Arvind Kejriwal told the news agency this morning.

He further added, “No one expected him to actually commit suicide. I started speaking…I said that I didn’t feel like talking. Instead of one hour, I spoke only for 10 minutes “.

For the past two days Delhi Chief Minister and AAP party chief Arvind Kejriwal has been facing a massive criticism with leaders from several parties raising questions over why he didn’t intervene as the deceased sat over the tree for nearly an hour.

Some of his own party leaders too felt the situation could have been “handled better” and “rally should have been stopped”.

And now, Gajendra Singh’s family has strongly demanded the Delhi Chief Minister to come clean.

“I want to say to Kejriwalji that instead of behaving like a political person, he should behave on human terms. Kejriwalji should explain every point and tell us that why and what happened in his rally,” Gajendra Singh’s brother Vijendra spoke before the press.

42 year-old Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Dausa in Rajasthan, had publically hung himself from a tree at Jantar Mantar, the venue of Aam Aadmi Party rally. According to the several eyewitnesses, he sat on the tree for nearly an hour threatening to commit suicide even as CM Arvind Kejriwal and hundreds of his partymen along with police personnel from Delhi Police and Central forces looked on. Reportedly the deceased also left a suicide note before taking his own life where he mentioned that he is suffering from debts as his crops have failed. Describing himself as a “son of the farmer”, he said he is father of three children.

The suicide note too is under questions for its authenticity as Gajendra’s family has claimed that the hand-writing in the ‘note’ doesn’t match with his own.

Kejriwal’s apology has come a day after Delhi Police submitted its probe report to the Home Ministry. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also made a statement in Lok Sabha based on the report submitted by the police.

On Thursday, the Home Minister had said “The Delhi police tried to stop the crowd from provoking Gajendra. Despite this, the people at the rally kept clapping, making noise”.

Even in their FIR, the Delhi police, whose personnel too were present at the spot, have blamed the AAP and its volunteer force.

Delhi Police has filed an FIR base on the version given by its officer, Inspector SS Yadav. According to Yadav, AAP workers obstructed them at every step, from the time Gajendra Singh climbed a tree to when he hanged himself. “I appealed to clapping AAP volunteers not to encourage him and help pull him down. But neither the AAP leaders on stage nor the volunteers helped,” he claims.

“Seeing the farmer tying the gamchha, the workers alerted the AAP leadership on stage, and the other workers and leaders started clapping loudly. Incited by the crowd, Gajendra hanged himself,” the policeman said.

“Some workers climbed the tree. We told them that we could use the fire ladder, but AAP workers didn’t listen and untied the cloth around his neck, causing him to fall to the ground,” he added in his statement in the FIR.

However, claims made by Delhi police in its FIR and the investigation report has led to a round of blame-game between the AAP and Delhi Police. AAP has been claiming that Delhi Police and other security personnel didn’t even attempt to bring him down as he threatened to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, the principal opposition party Congress has demanded a judicial probe over the whole incident.

Delhi Police’s Crime Branch is currently investigating the case.