Kejriwal: Jung is a good man with bad political bosses

SansadTV Bureau

kejriwal_oathThe tussle between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) of Delhi Najeeb Jung has taken a new turn.

In a surprise move, the Aam Admi Party chief has tweeted in favour of Najeeb Jung, calling him a good man. Kejriwal defended Jung but took the opportunity to attack the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

“Najeeb Jung is a good man with bad political bosses,” tweeted Kejriwal on Saturday morning.

“Congress n BJP both demanding Sh Najeeb Jung’s removal? Strange. Is he at fault? No. He is doin what PMO is asking him to do…Removing him will not help. His successor wud also do the same if PMO kept interfering. Real solution is PMO shud stop interfering in Delhi,” lashed out the Delhi CM on twitter.

Kejriwal’s tweet in support of the L-G comes a day after BJP MP Udit Raj demanded Jung’s removal. Raj also called Jung a “super king” who does not heed to the views of elected representatives. The MP was apparently angry with Jung for arresting three of his supporters for allegedly assaulting North West Delhi’s District Magistrate Sanjay Goel. Goel was assaulted on Thursday in Kanjhawla area in the outskirts of Delhi. The MP also accused the police of acting under pressure from the bureaucrats.

Though BJP has not officially demanded Jung’s removal, a section of the party’s Delhi unit is in favour of his ouster.

The AAP government in Delhi and the L-G have been locked in a fierce confrontation for the past few months. The ongoing tussle is on over number of issues including the control over Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) and the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry to probe the alleged multi-crore CNG fitness scam.

Earlier this week, Kejriwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he urged him to resolve the “unprecedented” situation in Delhi arising out of differences between the AAP government and the Centre.

In the letter, Kejriwal said Delhi’s development was being hit by the fissures between the two sides as a number of orders passed by the AAP government were declared ‘void’ by the L-G. He appealed to the PM to ensure that the masses were not affected by the “Centre-State conflict.”

Kejriwal ended the letter with the promise that he was ready to walk the “extra mile” to settle all issues for the development of the National Capital Region (NCR).