Kejriwal trying to create blackmoney into white: BJP

SansadTV Bureau

Questioning the “conspicuous silence” of Arvind Kejriwal on AAP’s “dubious” funding, BJP on Wednesday alleged that the party leader’s political conduct has been completely contradictory to the standards he had set for himself.

Union Minister and senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad asked Kejriwal to answer to the queries posed to him for accepting funds from “dummy” companies which “have fictitious addresses, have common directors and no business to show and are making no profits.”

“All his claims to be the sole custodian of propriety, of probity, of morality, of standards of polity in India stand completely exposed because of his conspicuous silence to squarely face these searching questions.

“The political conduct has been completely contradictory to the standards Kejriwal set for himself,” Prasad said.

He asked the AAP leader as to why he was running away from the truth and accused him of turning blackmoney into white. “I strongly condemn this,” Prasad said.

“Mr Kejriwal please answer. You took money from such a company which does not have any business, any profit, whose directors are in many dummy companies with fictitious addresses. We want answers to these questions.

“Please don’t run away from the truth. If you don’t want to give answers, then it becomes evident that you are trying to create blackmoney into white,” he said, adding, “It exposes your hallow and the claim of morality.”

He also questioned AAP if it accepted cheques from anywhere.

The Union Minister told Kejriwal to stand by the standards he has set for himself and said, “You are the biggest claimant in the embodiment of transparency and morality in the polity of India. You are being asked whether you have any responsibility”.

He said the AAP has allegedly claimed to be the custodian of certain standards that they are the best, honest and can bring transparency in the country, but asked why it was running away from answers to the questions posed to it on “dubious” funding.