Kerala mulls bill to contain black magic

RSTV Bureau

ramesh-chennithlaKerala government is planning to bring in a legislation to curb practices like black magic and exorcism following the increase in the number of sorcery cases.

Home Minister Ramesh Chennithla has asked the department secretary to draw up a draft bill on the subject.

Sources in the office of the Home Minister said the official has been directed to prepare a draft bill on the lines of the Maharashtra’s Anti-Superstition Bill.

Women are often the victims of such obsolete practices as shown by some of the cases reported in Kerala in recent months.

“There is a spurt in black magic and other such cases across the state in recent times. At least a couple of deaths also had been reported in connection with this. So, the Home Department is seriously thinking about bringing in a legislation to contain such practices,” sources told .

The recent death of two girls, one in Kollam and another in Pathanamthitta, allegedly due to physical and mental torture suffered during the black magic performed to rid of possession, has triggered widespread protests in the state.

Exploitation in the name of black magic to find hidden treasures, solve family disputes and for child birth are on the rise in the state.

The cases of exorcism is also rampant in many places irrespective of religion and caste in Kerala.