Khushboo: Tamil Nadu will vote for change this time

Neelu Vyas

Khushboo-interviewTamil actress and Congress’ national spokesperson Khushboo Sundar who is campaigning for the Congress-DMK alliance in the upcoming Tamil Nadu polls made a candid admission while speaking to Rajya Sabha TV. She said that she has never been politically correct.

Before switching to the Congress, Khushboo was a part of DMK. She reveals that she her leaving the party had nothing to do with the DMK chief’s son and treasurer of the party, MK Stalin.

Khusboo talks about how she’s reconciled with the reality that senior Congress leaders will be given a chance to contest first. She says she’ll patiently wait for her chance to contest polls.

She is confident that the people of Tamil Nadu will vote for change this time around.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

The most obvious question first, why are you not contesting?

Senior party leaders should get their due. I know this is a norm in the Congress. I can wait for my turn, I have no issues.

Don’t you think Congress could have encashed on your star power?

Congress keeps peoples’ interest on the top of its priority list. The party is not interested in political mileage. Congress will be back with a bang as the people of Tamil Nadu will vote for change.

Did you leave DMK only because you were not rewarded in terms of an opportunity to contest?

I left the DMK with a very heavy heart. Congress-DMK are allies in the upcoming polls. I have no qualms campaigning for DMK. I prefer campaigning over contesting polls.

You were part of DMK , now you are a part of the Congress. Does that not put you in an awkward position?

I was never a politically correct person. But I never spoke out against Stalin.

Opinion polls are giving a thumbs-up to Jayalalithaa and the AIADMK?

Many parties have approached us for an alliance. Opinion polls are incorrect as Jayalalithaa is the only face of AIADMK.

Somewhere there is a feeling that Congress has lost its relevance in Tamil Nadu, piggy-riding on DMK?

Congress has lapped up 41 seats. They have the choicest constituencies. The Congress-DMK alliance will work for people as the senior leaders of both the parties working together. But the Congress somehow prefers working in the background.

Do you think GK Vasan’s exit has impacted the prospects of the Congress?

I don’t think he was much use to the party.

What do you have to say about People’s Welfare Front (PWF)? Will it not split votes ultimately benefiting AIADMK?

PWF has failed to make any dent in Tamil Nadu. Votes split by PWF will actually harm AIADMK. New voters are informed and they want a change.

What change are you offering to the people?

Congress manifesto is offering free education for all. We’re giving pension to farmers. The current government’s deficit runs into thousands of crores of rupees.

What about the caste factor this election in Tamil Nadu?

Only few parties practice caste politics. AIADMK nurtures caste politics for political gains.

What is your view about the BJP-led government at the Centre?

Saffron politics affecting India’s social fabric. Minorities are very scared.

In 2014 you has criticised Rahul Gandhi by calling him cocooned within four walls. Have your views changed ?

Rahul Gandhi has undergone a huge change. Everything he says makes sense. He is the bright star of Congress.

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