Tamil issue: Lankan Tamil leader seeks Modi’s help

SansadTV Bureau

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A veteran Sri Lankan Tamil politician has sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help in resolving the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka on the basis of the Indian model of ‘devolution of power’.

“I am one who had been campaigning for an Indian model as an alternative to a federal solution,” V Anandasangaree wrote in a letter to Modi.

Anandasangaree, 81, is the leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and a former Member of Parliament.

His opposition to the LTTE and its cause has forced him to remain outside the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main Tamil political party in Sri Lanka.

Referring to the TNA leaders’ meeting with Modi in New Delhi, Anandasangaree in his letter describes the links between the LTTE and the TNA.

“Indian Prime Minister’s advice would be important to find a solution to the Tamil problem but finding a solution was not the monopoly of TNA. Hence action must be taken to consult various political parties of Tamils and Tamil-speaking people,” Anandasangaree wrote in the letter.

He has sought Modi’s support to convene a meeting of all Tamil parties with the possibility of discussing the Indian model of ‘devolution of power’ as a solution to the three-decade-old ethnic conflict between Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority and the Sinhalese Buddhist majority.

There was an intermittent insurgency against the government by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers), an independent militant organisation which fought to create an independent Tamil state called Tamil Eelam in the north and the east of the island. After a 26-year military campaign, the Sri Lankan military defeated the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, bringing the civil war to an end but the problems concerning the Indian origin Tamils still remains unresolved.