At least ensure passage of some important bills: Chairman to floor leaders

Rajat Kain

New Delhi: Members protest in the well of the Rajya Sabha. PTI/RSTV

New Delhi: Members protest in the well of the Rajya Sabha.

Appealing for the order in the upper house for the remaining days of the current session, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday urged the MPs to at least abate their protest for passing some important bills.

Rajya Sabha has been witnessing intense protest over several issues including PNB fraud, Cauvery water dispute, Andhra special status and Supreme Court ruling on SC/ST Act leading to frequent adjournments throughout the second leg of Budget session which started on 5th March.

“Friends I want to make an appeal… All the members of Parliament, tomorrow is almost the last day of this session, as day after tomorrow the house is going to be adjourned,” Chairman said as protest began soon after the oath taking of elected members.

He also apprised that the house has “not transacted any business including important bills”. Number of bills are pending before the house… the country want development, the country want legislation… people want legislation…,” he said

Even this morning, Chairman Naidu had had held a meeting with floor leaders of the party, where he, along with Dy Chairman PJ Kurien, urged for the passage of some important bills, to salvage the situation of no work so far.

“Handful of people, obstructing the house… taking up their own agenda is not to solve any problem. It is not going to add anything to the value of the house…,” he said amid the protest by Andhra Pradesh MPs demanding special status for the state.

The protest over Andhra Pradesh has sustained throughout this session, which also saw the exit of TDP from the NDA fold over the same issue.

“I want to request to all of you to please go back to your seats, discuss the issue… discuss bank scam, whatever you are saying, discuss Cauvery issue, discuss Andhra issue, discuss the Dalit issue, discuss all other important issue you want to, discuss Kashmir issue… I have allowed everything,” the Chairman said.

Past few days have seen Chairman Naidu making repeated appeals to the members and even trying to win the truce by holding frequent meetings with the floor leaders in his chamber.

“You are testing the patience of the people of the country… this is no good, this is no good, this is not acceptable… this is not democracy. This is stifling democracy… this is in fact murdering democracy…,” visibly anguished Chairman said.

Once again underlining that unfinished business is attracting bad precedent, he added, “today and tomorrow are the two days left and I request everyone of you to pass some bills today…”

“There are important bill like anti-corruption… please at least pass that bill so that you can tell people that you have passed some bills…,” the Chairman said.

However, as disruptions continued, he adjourned the house till 2 PM.

Earlier, 12 elected MPs took the oath of affirmation on the house, including actor-turned-parliamentarian Jaya Bachchan and BJP’s Bhupendra Yadav. 41 out of the 58 members elected/re-elected to the Upper House in elections last month had taken oath yesterday.