Like Congress, Trinamool is also dynastic: Mukul Roy

Neelu Vyas

”Mamata Banerjee is not my mentor, she does not listen to others in the party , TMC has been shifting its party line and the main focus is on dynasty politics” –this and much more has been revealed by former Trinamool Congress party strategist  Mukul Roy who has joined BJP a few days ago.

In an exclusive interview to Rajya Sabha TV, Roy stressed that there is no democracy in West Bengal and his first job would be to restore it.

The senior leader who has nurtured Trinamool Congress since 1998 emphasized that BJP is a secular party and it helped Trinamool grow in the initial years. Commenting on the political prospects of BJP in west Bengal Roy highlighted that the ground was ripe for BJP to form the next government in West Bnegal because both Congress and Left were a dying force.

 Are you at an emotional loss after leaving the party which you have nurtured since the last thirty years?

 I have an emotional attachment to Trinamool. I am the first signatory to the election commission to form the Trinamool Congress. I only later intimated that Trinamool would be a breakaway faction of Congress and Mamata Banerjee will be the main person. But over the years the party line is fluctuating. I have a difference with Trinamool on this. Another issue is the imposition of dynastic rule. Many in the Congress know whoever is close to Sonia Gandhi but blood is thicker than water. I don’t want to name Abhishekh Banerjee. Dynastic rule is the problem of Trinamool. Congress is dying because of the dynastic rule. Look what is happening in AIADMK.

Trinamool is a one-man party, What is the future of Trinamool?

Ultimately they will not succeed. Mamata Banerjee is a lone man, she does not listen to anyone, and she takes a decision all by herself. Trinamool is insecure because 35 years of CPM misrule, people didn’t have an alternative.  Results will now show how Trinamool is weakened. For me now Amit Shah is our leader and I will surrender myself to the state leadership.

State BJP leadership is not happy with your induction

This is not correct I have spoken to everyone.

Since when did you start feeling suffocated in Trinamool?

Since 2014, I have been feeling suffocated. Change of party line and dynastic rule are the major reasons.

Your role is still not decided what you will do in BJP

Amit Shah will decide. BJP is not communal but a secular party. Trinamool has been lying. They allied with BJP initially and now they call it communal

Have you been accused in the Narada sting case and Sarada case? Will BJP surrender the anti-corruption case?

I have never been accused never been charge sheeted. All perceptions have been created. My name cropped up in 2014 ultimately people have believed that Mukul Roy is not corrupt. BJP will not have to surrender its anti-corruption plank. I will continue to speak with the same conviction amidst the voters.  I have spoken strongly why I left Trinamool, the same way I will have a high moral high ground.  I have not been accused, I have not been charge-sheeted. Corrupt will be punished, the law will take its own course.  Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into Sarada chit fund scam law will take its own course. Mukul Roy is not involved in the chit fund scam.  The country as a whole should fight against corruption.

What change will you bring on the ground for BJP?

BJP is in a strong position. Congress is dying left is dying. I fully believe that BJP will form the government in 2021 in West Bengal

Vote share of BJP has gone up, but it has not translated into the number of seats?

The trend is in favour of BJP. After a landslide victory in Himachal and Gujarat, you see wonders will take place. the I will travel to other states.

Your first focus to restore democracy, what do you mean?

Bengal there is no democracy. I have said custodial deaths, prisoners in the jail, CID has been used against the political workers, false cases have been made out, no opposition has got space

How has the BJP been suffering in West Bengal?

Workers have been beaten up when RSS leaders went to Kolkata he was not given permission to hold rallies. I have joined BJP and will work towards the goal.

Do you think you will be reduced to a utility man for BJP?


That’s not true. With my organizational skills, loyalty to BJP and manoevering skills I will give my maximum to BJP

During the left rule social and religious identities were in the background now they have become more pronounced what else or left for BJP to explore?

Mamata Banerjee has not been working for anyone class or any group.  She is a publicity-oriented lady. It will be difficult for Trinamool to counter BJP.

Be it Gorkahalnd agitation and communal rots polarizing tactics have been adopted?

It was not handled properly by Banerjee govt. The government should be cautious Trinamool. Bengal ride of Trinamool Congress is hogwash. Mamata is playing a false Bengali pride card.  She is not playing the right card. For BJP the way to make inroads in West Bengal, they will have to play religious politics and development politics. The secular term is vaguely used by political parties like Congress.

Are you expecting more Trinamool members to join BJP

Yes, more people will join. You wait and see cadres of Trinamool will be eroded. Trinamool will be weakened with my exit.

Parallels are being drawn between you and Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma

Have nothing to say on this but I will try my level best to bring BJP to power in West Bengal.

Do you want to say anything to your mentor Mamata Banerjee through this program?

In the first place, Mamata Banerjee is not my mentor, my message to her is be patient, try to make a relation with the central government.