Have to live in harmony with fellow humans and nature in ‘corona times': Vice President

RSTV Bureau
File photo of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu. (PTI Photo)

File photo of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu. (PTI Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has underlined the need to adopt new ways of living in corona times and suggested a 12 point framework for this new normal to deal with the virus, learning from the lessons so far taught by the corona pandemic.

He stressed on the need for new attitudes towards life and humanity amidst indications of the virus likely to stay for longer than earlier expected.

Vice President Naidu wrote on Facebook, a detailed article dealing at length with the philosophical and moral issues thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic and the way life needs to be lived henceforth.

He said, “..what affects one person anywhere affects everyone everywhere, be it the disease or economy”.

Giving an account of the nature of life before corona, Vice President Naidu stated that man has emerged a loner in his quest for happiness and material advancement reducing the family and the society to being mere adjuncts and his confidence bordering on arrogance made him believe that he can live alone and all by himself, unmindful of the lives of others.

He wrote, “Stacked with better tools to fight the epidemics than when the pestilence struck humanity earlier and empowered with gene editing, Artificial Intelligence, big data etc, man was seeking to play God”.

On life after Corona, Vice President noted that it has shaken the fundamentals of living by oneself and highlighted the need for living in harmony with nature and fellow humans.

He observed that “The invisible microbe once again proved that life can change very quickly. It brought into full play the uncertainty that can co-sail with life”.

The Vice President felt that the pandemic raised questions about the meaning and purpose of life including the nature of relationships with fellow beings and moral issues connected with the current pathways of development given their impacts on nature and equity.

He said; “The virus has highlighted the consequences of economic fault lines in societies created by development pathways in terms of the impacts. Uncertainty continues to haunt the people. Uncertainty is the known source of anxiety which can lead to psychological issues. How to deal with this problem? To stay calm and be confident and adopt a new normal of life”.

Stating that the goal of any civilization is to enhance the likelihood of survival of human beings, Vice President Naidu stressed that the corona challenge is more a civilizational issue than that of individual lives and new norms and ethos of living should be evolved to save the present civilization.

Noting that life can’t be lived for long in confinement, Vice President Naidu welcomed the new relaxations for lockdown 4.0 announced last night.

Referring to the people living with HIV virus that had no vaccine for a long time by changing habits, Vice President Naidu urged the people to learn to cope with coronavirus by changing the habits and attitudes towards life and fellow humans, if the virus stays with the people for longer than expected.

Vice President suggested the following for living with a new normal even after all the corona induced restrictions are lifted :

1. Be aware that life is precious and to be lived meaningfully in harmony with the nature and fellow beings

2. Know that what affects one person anywhere affects everyone everywhere, be it the disease or economy. Realize that your life depends on that of the other and vice versa and that the lives are interconnected

3. Rationally analyse the impact on the spread of the virus before undertaking every movement or action

4. Know that every challenge has a solution and it would come as soon as possible given the global efforts that are on

5. Don’t respond impulsively to the uncertainty and be guided by rationality keeping faith in science and technology

6. Adapt to the situation with confidence instead of panicking

7. Stay put with behavioural changes ushered in during the lockdown so far by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and ensuring hygiene

8. Change old habits of thinking and working by acquiring new ones to meet the demands of time besides thinking positively and exercising regularly along with Yoga and Meditation.

9. Prevent stigmatisation so that the infected volunteer for treatment.

10. Check disinformation and prejudices against fellow citizens labelling them as carriers of the virus;

11. All forms of media should disseminate correct and scientific information instead of presenting the disease as a catastrophe.

12. Let the sense of collective helplessness be replaced by the spirit of the virtue of living interconnected with the attendant shared destiny.

The Vice President urged the media of all kind to disseminate correct and scientific information about the virus and the disease instead of presenting them as a catastrophe.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu called upon the people to “Live differently and live safe”.