Madras HC recommends castration for child sex abusers

RSTV Bureau
File Photo of Chennai High Court

File Photo of Chennai High Court

The Madras High Court has recommended the Centre to consider castration as a means to deter those who sexually abuse children.

A Madras High Court bench observed that the present law was “ineffective” in dealing with such criminals.

Justice N Kirubakaran wrote a strongly worded letter to the Centre, earlier this month, where he said that the “present law is ineffective in dealing with such criminals and judiciary could not keep its hands folded and be a mute spectator, especially when the recent happenings of gang rape of children across India are reported”.

The judge had made the observation while dismissing a petition filed by a UK national seeking to quash sex abuse proceedings against him in a lower court.

“The suggestion to castrate may look barbaric. But barbaric criminals needed barbaric punishment. The very thought of punishment should deter the criminal from committing the offence,” the judge observed.

“Under the banner of human rights violations, some activists who first sympathise with the victims, later support the criminal also. They are placing misplaced sympathy. Human rights were applicable to the victims,” the judge said.

Several social activists have welcomed Madras High Court’s recommendation, again bringing to the fore the crucial debate of capital punishments.

Meanwhile, the number of child abuse cases has gone up from 38,172 in 2012 to more than 58,000 in 2013 and over 89,000 in 2014.

(With inputs from PTI)