Make the pursuit of excellence a daily effort: Vice President tells youth

RSTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressing students of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras through Extra Mural Lecture Series (Twitter image)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressing students of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras through Extra Mural Lecture Series (Twitter image)

Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu stressed the need to resurrect India’s age-old civilizational values that were based on its core philosophy of Care and Share. He wanted everybody to become a better human being, who cares about fellow beings and contributes to the welfare of all.

“We must draw inspiration from our ancient cultural heritage that has celebrated diversity, embraced plurality and stood for inclusivity. Share and care have been the core of Indian philosophy,” he said.

Addressing students of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras through Extra Mural Lecture Series on the subject “India 2020 to 2030: A Vision for the Decade,”
Venkaiah Naidu expressed concern over the growing tendency to use technology irresponsibly to spread fake information or hate messages. He opined that the moral compass of the society that was essential to enhance common good and wellbeing of all was
losing relevance.

Stressing the need to celebrate India’s greatest asset, its tremendous diversity, Venkaiah Naidu said that one must understand about the time-tested bonds of unity that was deeply rooted in this great diversity. He called for keeping these bonds strong to preserve India’s unique identity and show the world the path towards harmonious co-existence and celebration of differences.

Asking the youngsters to stay rooted and draw sustenance from the best in the Indian tradition, the Vice President advised them to reach out for the stars but not be complacent and not settle for mediocrity. “You should make the pursuit of excellence a daily effort in whatever you do,” he added.

Opining that education must be holistic integrating different disciplines, Venkaiah Naidu said: “Our world view must be based on India’s timeless values we have inherited – of empathy, harmony, tolerance, non-violence, and peaceful co-existence.” He wanted the youth to read and learn more about India’s great history, culture and traditions and take lead in preserving and protecting this grand legacy and take it forward.

Stating that good quality education was a powerful determinant of the progress of any nation, the Vice President stressed the need to improve the education system along the crucial dimensions of quality, accessibility, affordability, inclusiveness, equity, and gender parity.

Describing pursuit of excellence and utmost dedication and devotion to one’s duties and responsibilities as the highest form of patriotism, the Vice President said that discipline, commitment, equanimity, focus, courage, and constant self-evaluation and course-correction were essential in attaining excellence.

Pointing out that Poverty and deprivation anywhere was a threat, an affront, to prosperity everywhere, the Vice President called for collective efforts to bridge the
widening gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ and create a nation where everyone has the opportunity to lead prosperous, peaceful lives and reach their full potential.

Stressing that quantitative growth in terms of GDP was meaningful only if we could make every citizen a partner, a stakeholder and a beneficiary of the development process, the Vice President said that the government’s mantra of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’ was indeed a clarion call to usher in a new era of inclusive development.

He asked researchers, scholars, and engineers to make innovation their mantra to find creative, innovative, out-of-box solutions to several problems faced by India. He said that disruptive but affordable solutions using Artificial Intelligence for agriculture and healthcare, drones to coordinate disaster management and relief work, water conservation, water treatment, and recycling technologies were needed and must emerge from institutions like IITs.

The Vice President asked all research institutions in the country to focus on Making agriculture profitable and sustainable and come up with realistic, cost-
effective and efficient solutions. He asked agricultural scientists and technology experts to work with the farmers to evolve new solutions to improve the farmers’
quality of life.

“We cannot have inclusive growth if rural areas are neglected or the rural farmers and artisans are famished,” he added.

Pointing out that cities were slowly becoming unlivable due to congestion and pollution, water bodies were being contaminated and the natural resources were steadily depleting due to thoughtless, Shri Naidu expressed concern over the reckless exploitation of resources. He wanted innovative and affordable solutions to
provide affordable and clean energy, encourage responsible consumption and production and take concrete steps towards climate action to ensure a clean India.