Over 100 flee homes after Communal tension in NCR

SansadTV Bureau

faridabad_violenceAt least five persons are reported to have been injured and 17 houses burnt down in a clash between two communities in a village in the National Capital Region Faridabad. According to the reports, the tension had sparked off over the construction of a religious structure in Atali village in Faridabad on Monday evening.

As per the latest reports, around 100 people from one community, whose houses had been burnt down, are staying put at the local police station in a protest of sorts for they fear their lives at the hands of the perpetrators.

Sensing the situation as still tense and fragile, the district administration has beefed up security.

According to local police, the situation got aggravated on Tuesday morning when the roof of the religious structure was being laid. The site where the structure was laid had been disputed for a while. However, the matter was decided in the favour of minority community by the court. But that doesn’t seem to have quelled the dispute.

Members of the minority community alleged that the majority community members resorted to violence as they started to construct the structure. For long the members of the majority community has been claiming the ‘disputed’ land belongs to the panchayat even after the judgement ruling in the favour of minority community’s claims.

The local police claimed that one group pelted stones which attracted equal retaliation from the other side. The clashes later snowballed into a serious violence when one group poured kerosene on the houses of those belonging to the minority community and set them on fire. The violence led to more than 500 villagers fleeing the village.

Since then they have been sitting at a police station protesting against what they have termed as “no action by the police even after two days of the incident”. For the fact, not a single arrest has been made in the incident so far.

The administration has imposed section 144 in the village and the police have registered an FIR against 20 villagers.

And now with the allegations of local police unable to handle the situation better, Haryana government has rushed in their special commandos apart from additional forces from adjoining areas.