World celebrates second International Yoga Day

RSTV Bureau

modi doing yogaThe Narendra Modi government is leading the way to celebrate the International Yoga day today.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 57 of his colleagues have fanned out across the country to participate in the second International Yoga Day programmes.

Over 190 countries, including 40 Islamic nations are supporting the move and are participating on events planned on the special day for yoga. This year’s emphasis will be on Divyangs, name coined by Modi for specially- abled people.

Modi will be leading the Yoga campaign from Chandigarh while other Ministers lead various government-sponsored programmes, 10 of them in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. Nearly, 30,000 participants will participate on Yoga day programmes including attendees from defence forces, ITBP personnel, Panjab University students, Divyangs, yoga foundations, school children and a select few from yoga orientation training camps.

The Prime Minister thanked nations across the globe for their support and enthusiasm to celebrate the ancient Indian discipline in a video message on Sunday.

“The reverberations of the discipline found a natural home at the UN Headquarters in New York where the journey began. I was fortunate to celebrate the event along with 30,000 of my fellow citizens and foreign guests in New Delhi. Yoga is much more than physical exercise. It enables us to access a new dimension of our self. Even while providing a holistic approach to preventive health care, yoga helps us to restore balance and furnishes us with a much need sense of clarity,” said the Prime Minister in video message.

“The main event will begin at 6.30 am the Common Yoga Protocol will begin at 7 am and last for 45 minutes,” said a released.

In the National capital Delhi, the event will be celebrated at seven different locations, including Connaught Place where approximately 10,000 people are expected to perform asans.

June 21 was declared the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2014. The first IDY was organised successfully in India and the world last year, after United Nations General Assembly, in December 2014, declared 21st of June as International Day of Yoga.