MH370: Wreckage in Indian Ocean sparks speculation

RSTV Bureau

mh-370-tributeThe Malaysian officials believe that the debris found in the Indian Ocean appears to be a part of the missing aircraft MH370. The Boeing 777-200 plane of Malaysia Airlines, with 239 lives on board, went missing on 8th March, 2014, an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. Five Indian nationals too were on board in the ill-fated flight.

All efforts to trace the wreckage of the plane have been rendered inconclusive thus far.

But the hopes revived again on Wednesday with the discovery of a two-metre long flaperon, a wing component, which was found on Reunion Island off the east coast of Africa. Malaysia’s Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi has gone on to claim that it is “almost certain” that the wreckage was from a Boeing 777 aircraft.

France’s air crash investigation agency is studying a piece of plane debris.

Boeing officials too have conducted an initial assessment of the debris using photographs. According to the local news agencies, a source close to the investigation claimed that there is a unique element to the Boeing 777’s flaperon that Boeing observers believe they are seeing in photos.

Australia’s Transport and Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss also rested hopes with the discovery, calling it a “a very important development” in the hunt for MH370.

“The Reunion islands are a very long way from the search area but it is consistent with the work that has been done in identifying the current search area, the satellite interpretations of the route path that the aircraft is expected to have taken,” Mr. Truss told the press.

“So a discovery of wreckage in that area would not be inconsistent with that advice,” he added further.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Minister of Transport Liow Tiong Lai exercised caution in jumping to any conclusion. While interacting with the press on Wednesday Liow told of receiving the concerned information from his colleagues in Malaysia about the wreckage that has been spotted in La Reunion.

“I have sent a team to verify the wreckage. Anyway we need to verify,” Mr. Liow said.

“Whatever wreckage found needs to be further verified before we can further confirm whether it belongs to MH370,” Liow added further.

Malaysian authorities in January 2015 declared that all on board were presumed dead. The Indian nationals on board the plane were Chetna Kolekar, Swanand Kolekar, Suresh Kolekar, Chandrika Sharma and Prahlad Shirsatha.

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