‘Delay out, Decision in’ is our Mantra

SansadTV Bureau

javdekar_prakashInformation and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Monday the Narendra Modi government believes in the mantra “delay is out, decision is in”, and asserted that the job of the government is not to create roadblocks but to give impetus to entrepreneurship and industry.

The I&B Minister, who was addressing representatives of the media and entertainment sector, said both the government and industry should work together for the welfare of the consumers.

“There are issues of distribution, there are issues of taxation….But that is why (for) the Modi-led government, what is the mantra? The mantra is delay is out, decision is in,” Javadekar said at an event organised by ASSOCHAM.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to delete the word ‘delay’. “He has already asked us to delete the word delay. Delay word is now getting deleted,” he emphasised.

“We are here to facilitate. The government’s role is not to create roadblocks for the industry. I believe our job is to give impetus to entrepreneurship,” said Javadekar, who also holds the portfolio of Environment and Forests Ministry.

The Minister, however, added that the welfare of the citizens has to be kept in mind.

“We, both the industry and the government, have to think about the final consumer. Government and industry have to think about the welfare of common citizen and to that end we are partners, we are the facilitators,” he said.

Javadekar exuded confidence in the media and entertainment industry in the country saying the sector has immense opportunities. He said that the world is fascinated by our culture and Indian cinema is becoming very popular.

“Education and entertainment are the primary needs after roti, kapda and makaan (food, cloth and shelter),” Javadekar added.