Modi lauds NDA schemes at Vikas Parv rally in Odisha

RSTV Bureau
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Odisha. Courtesy: Twitter/BJPOdidha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Odisha.
Courtesy: Twitter/BJPOdidha

While addressing a rally in Balasore in Odisha on the completion of two years of NDA rule at the Centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that all his governments’ schemes focused on the development of poor.

“Focus of every Government scheme should be the poor, we have taken special steps towards eradicating poverty,” said PM Modi.

Addressing a 50,000-strong crowd in the AIIMS ground on Thursday,  Modi spoke about his government’s achievements over the last two years.

“We don’t want any state or any region in the country to be devoid of development and change,” said the Prime Minister emphasising that NDA government.

Targeting Congress, he said ‘earlier governments thought they are running the country, now we tried governance with people’s participation.’

Talking about Odisha, the PM said that the state is blessed with natural resources, but still lot more needs to be done to mitigate poverty

“Wherever we are in power there is development, we are not in power in Odisha and you can see the plight of the people here” said PM Modi

Talking about anganwadi, system the PM said that it is best for the poor children’s development at grass root level. Modi also spoke about the need to change the mindset of people on gender equality while referring to his government’s initiatives.

“People’s mindset about gender inequality must change, we must focus to bring in this crucial change,” he said.

Modi’s rally is part of a series of meetings to be addressed by the prime minister on completion of the NDA government’s two years in office. Modi is visiting the state for third time this year as Prime Minister and the fourth one after he took over in 2014.

Celebrating two years of governance at centre, Narendra Modi lead NDA is holding several rallies and meetings in various states across the country. It had put up a mega event near India Gate on Saturday to highlight their achievements.