Modi slams opp for blocking passage of Land Bill in RS

RSTV Bureau

ModivAsserting that the land bill is not anti-farmer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday criticised the opposition for creating hurdles in the passage of the measure in Rajya Sabha, where the NDA government does not have a majority.

“The law that was passed by earlier government has no provision for allotment of land for schools, hospitals, houses, water and irrigation. I ask you whether you need all these facilities or not,” he said after dedicating to the nation two units of 600 MW each of Shri Singaji Thermal Power Plant.

PM Modi said that he had asked the opposition to suggest ways to improve the land bill, but it did not respond.

“I am not anti-farmer. We will never oppose farmers. I asked other parties to tell me what to improve, but they don’t say anything,” he said.

He said that the poor people need hospitals, schools, roads, homes, water, power and irrigation facilities, but the earlier law had no provision for the same.

“. . . The previous government refused to give land for hospitals, roads, schools and homes also,” he said. “The previous government enacted a law that would not enable farmers to get water and irrigation facilities,” he maintained.

Hailing the Union Budget for 2015-16, the Prime Minister said it has provisions for the welfare of all sections of the society. “We took several steps for the welfare of the poor, farmers, tribal communities, dalit sisters and brothers in the budget,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of development, specially power supply, PM Narendra Modi said that it is absolutely necessary for the growth of the country.

Appealing people to conserve power, PM Modi said that it is necessary to save electricity for the bright future of the next generation.

“Think of ways to conserve electricity. It is very important for our children. Nearly 20 per cent of the people don’t have access to electricity,” he said.

Highlighting the importance of electricity, he said, “It is not only homes that brighten, but also lives brighten, dreams brighten and the future brightens when there is electricity.”

Energy has played a big role in the progress of mankind and without electricity, dreams can’t be fulfilled, the Prime Minister said while pointing out that a large number of villages have no access to power.

“Who are these people; they are not the rich but poor. To keep someone away from energy is like dragging that person to the stone age,” he remarked.