Vice President quotes Nehru in his address to Serbian Parliament


VP Naidu on International Day of Democracy, in a year that marks 70 years of diplomatic relations between India & Serbia and at a place where historic meeting ground of nations that decided to launch Non-aligned movement in 1961. (Twitter Photo )

VP Naidu on International Day of Democracy, in a year that marks 70 years of diplomatic relations between India & Serbia and at a place where historic meeting ground of nations that decided to launch Non-aligned movement in 1961.
(Twitter Photo )

Marking the revival of the spirit of warmth and cooperation of Marshal Tito-Pandit Nehru years, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu was extended the rare honour of addressing the special session of the  Parliament of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade last night. It was in the same hallowed hall of the National Assembly of Serbia that former Prime Minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the world leaders while launching the Non-Alignment Movement along with the veteran leader of Yugoslavia Marshal Tito.

In his hour long address to the laws makers of the host country, Shri Naidu fondly recalled the close affinity and shared vision with which leaders of both the countries played a key role in launching the Non Aligned Movement (NAM). He said “Relations between the two countries are deeply rooted in history. From the early days of Independent India, both countries laid great emphasis on NAM and contributed much to creation of a new and democratic world order, particularly for the post-colonial third world that challenged the concept of bipolar world. The changes in global geo-politics now again give us an opportunity to work together for mutual benefit and for sharing prosperity with others”.

Referring to the International Day of Democracy yesterday, Shri Naidu gave a detailed account of the steady growth and consolidation of parliamentary democracy in India. He said “Over the years, Indian Parliament has evolved as a democratic forum that attentively listens to fascinatingly complex voices from different parts of the vast country and responds to diverse concerns with agility.”

Highlighting the importance of democracy for participatory development, Shri Naidu quoted Pandit Nehru from his speech at the same venue in 1961 and said Nehru gave a call ‘’For building in our countries societies where freedom is real.  Freedom is essential because freedom will give us strength and enable us to build prosperous societies” .

Speaker of the Serbian Parliament received Shri Naidu and escorted him to the podium and introduced him to the Members of the House. The Vice President’s address was applauded quite a few times and particularly when he said that Marshal Tito was a household name in India when he (Shri Naidu) was a school student. The Vice President received huge standing ovation on the conclusion of his address to the law makers of Serbia.

During the hectic day of high level engagements, Shri Naidu held detailed discussions on a range of bilateral and multilateral issues with President Mr. Aleksander Vucic, Prime Minister Ms. Ana Brnabic and Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia Ms. Maja Gojkovic besides addressing a business forum.

During the joint media briefing along with Shri Naidu, President of Serbia Shri Aleksander Vucic complimented the Indian political leadership for stellar economic results. He said “India is witnessing exceptional economic progress. We are happy for the country who has been our longtime friend and well wisher”. He also thanked India for recognizing Serbia’s territorial integrity. Shri Vucic stressed that Serbia is keen to engage with India on agriculture, pharmacy, IT and generic medicines. He evinced interest in defense cooperation.

During his talks with the top leaders and businessmen of Serbia, the Vice President gave a detailed account of the rapid strides being made by India in various fields including an enabling, predictable and reform oriented financial and investment eco-systems offering  mutually beneficial partnerships. Voicing concerns over the menace of terrorism, he called for early finalization of draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT).

The Vice President of India noted that both the countries had difficult periods in recent history but have emerged stronger from each of these crises because of the courage to reform.”The economic reforms in India and in Serbia in the 1990s have effectively converted some of the major challenges into opportunities” he observed.

On the occasion of 70 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Serbia Post and India Post have released commemorative stamps on renowned Serbian physicist and innovator Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda. Shri Naidu noted that Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts and ideas left a deep impression on Tesla’s works.

In the presence of the President of Serbia and Vice President of India, both the sides signed two agreements. The agreement on Plant Protection and Quarantine seeks to enhance trade in fruits, vegetables and processed foods. The second one ,Revised Air Services agreement aims at promoting connectivity boosting trade and tourism including direct air link between the two countries.

On his second overseas visit as Vice President, Shri Naidu will also visit Malta and Romania before returning home on Friday next week. On his first such visit, Shri Naidu visited the Latin American Countries of Guatemala, Panama and Peru.