Nitish Kumar takes on PM Modi on twitter

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File Photo ( PTI )

File Photo ( PTI )

A day after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met RJD Chief Lalu Prasad to clear the air about the controversial ‘snake’ tweet, he took to twitter to pose tough questions to PM Narendra Modi.

Interestingly, Nitish’s tweets directed to the PM came on a day when the two shared a dais in Patna at an event to launch development projects in Bihar.

Just as the prime minister landed in Bihar, Nitish Kumar took off on twitter targeting him. Nitish’s sarcastic tweets covered a host of areas from farmers’ plight to black money to the promise of Bihar’s special package.

“I am raising 7 critical issues – 2 specific to Bihar and 5 that in my view people across India want to hear from the Prime Minister,” Nitish tweeted.

Nitish taunted PM Modi for visiting Bihar after 14 months of coming to power.

Nitish said,” We’re grateful after 14 months Modiji finds time to visit Bihar as we get ready to hear more promises what about the old ones?”

“You promised special status for Bihar. 14 months and people are still waiting,” the chief minister said.

“With 14th Finance Commission report and withdrawal of BRGF (Backward Regional Grant Fund), Bihar will lose Rs 50,000 crore in five years. Is this your cooperative federalism?” Nitish lashed out.

Nitish also raked up the issue of black money that PM Narendra Modi promised to bring back from abroad.

“People are waiting to get their Rs 15-20 lakh from the blackmoney you promised to bring back from abroad. Could we hear something on this?” Nitish questioned.

“First U-turn on MSP, then your apathy towards farmers’ distress and finally your new land bill. Is this what you promised to farmers?” he asked.

Nitish didn’t spare Centre’s social and economic policies. Nitish criticised the Jan Dhan scheme and the government’s housing scheme, which promises a house for every person by 2022.

“You started Jan Dhan scheme in the way to make people believe that it’s not only a bank account, but it’s opening peoples fortune. Today more than 70 per cent accounts are ineffective. Nobody knows how poor would be benefited from such bank accounts?” he asked.

Kumar also alleged that a few capitalists had benefited from the central government and asked when ‘achehe din’ would come for the common man.

PM Modi was in Bihar, primarily to kickstart BJP’s poll campaign in the state with a ‘Parivartan’ rally in Muzaffarpur. Bihar goes to poll later this year.

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