No consensus on the leader of a united opposition: Sibal

Neelu Vyas

Q: How will you assess Modi Govt’s three years?

Farmers suicides continue unabated , , we are far below the targets , no health and soil cards, they have forgotten about loan waivers, most of the farmers rely on rains , one drop for one crop where is it, pm had promised that farmers will get 50 percent more than their  cost, now he says next five years their income will be doubled. . When will these problems get solved? About the MSMEs they are stagnant, affected by demonetisation, off take of credit is minimum, big industries NPAs are mounting, they can only restructuring the loans, job growth is abysmal 1.1 percent, this year number of jobs is pathetic, expenditure of education is low, MNREGA jobs gone down, which sector is happy, rapes against women is mounting, Kashmir, foreign policy our relations with our neighbours are at nadir,


Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal

Q: Why is it that majority of people still enjoy the faith of Modi Govt? There are subtle signs of desperation?

Few things have happened which have never happened  look at US  media, despite having Trump succeeded, court staying orders on immigration, media is very powerful, courts are strong unfortunately in our country , media talks about Modi , Modi and Modi , why and how they do it, it’s beyond my understanding but it saddens me.  Modi is a postmaster. He is a master of portraying govt and what he is doing; he sells dreams, which people are buying,

Q: How will the opposition get its act together?

We need to get together, we need a new idiom, create a mass movement, we need to a new idiom to attack

Q: Narrative used by opposition to tar the Modi Govt is on the basis of slurring on communalism and intolerance?

If you look at a newspapers, incidents , traders attacked for example at Alwar, una , dadri, violence has  increased manifold, , look what’s happened in  Maoist areas , sukma is the recent example  , intolerance in social media, if you say things against Modi you are tarnished.  Despite this Modi is up to his antics. ,

Q:  Who will be the leader of the opposition front?

Consensus eludes, ground is ripe for consensus. There is no agreement on a common leader. Up election changed the script opposition will get together will decide, recent for kids victory were many, it was a grand victory.  We cannot possibly praise the manner in which the polity was divided?

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal

Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal

Q: Would you not agree that there is no leader at the moment as formidable as Modi?

Modi is formidable, whether he is good for India in the long run, it’s a question, he says India grows at 7.5 percent, reality is somewhere, talk to traders, shopkeepers, they will tell you, education sector reforms which we had implemented are all rolled back.  He has let down the people of India,  reality on the ground doesn’t reflect, quota for HRD ministry, I had abolished it, its 6000 now, this is the kind of growth and progress,

Q: Its time for opposition   to get ready for 2024 not 2019, says Omar Abdullah

What do you want me to say, has Modi won 2019, god help this country,  its Omar views, good if he joins  our front.

Q: Congress is a party which enjoyed extreme dominance, electoral performance has been a drab affair since 2014 be it the assembly elections or local elections

Its worrying, to see congress going the way it is, I feel upset , I hope and pray that we all come together. Fortunes are a matter of electoral victory, sense of sacrifice , commitment to ideology, reaching out to congress men , getting all congressmen on one platform, realising that congress is not just a political party it’s a phenomenon, unless we revive that sense, in every congressmen, it worries me

Q: Who will revive this confidence?

I don’t know

Q: Nehru Gandhi family has been the glue which brought together the congressmen…Rahul Gandhi seems to have lost confidence

You cannot blame one individual for this, party has to analyse the reasons for the loss, blame lies at the door of each one of us

Q: Ramchandra Guha says Rahul Gandhi is a serial failure?

Ram Guha is entitled to his own views

Q: When will Rahul be elevated? Sonia Gandhi does not keep well

I am not the one to decide, why are you persuading me to say something to which I will not give you the answer

Q: Congress had the numbers in Goa and Manipur, they failed there as well?

Role of money power political clout played a role in these attaches, BJP uses all this with an uncanny knack, it’s a no holds barred campaign, and they will do anything to destroy congress. We are not like that, we are far more tolerant inclusive

Q: BJP is fomenting exodus; people are join BJP what’s stopping congress from arresting this trend?

It’s not as if all have gone to BJP

Q: Are you hinting that congress is a sinking ship?

That’s your opinion. Congress can never die, its phenomenon, it’s not only a political party. India can move forward only with a inclusive ideology. we need to show a sense of tolerance, sense of belonging .  sabka sath sabka vikas is just a phrase

Q: Amit Shah says NDA inherited a legacy of pits.. They will take years to fill that pit?

Whose pit and who will fill let’s see. Take the case of adhar, they said its bogus, now its NDA flagship program. Now they are talking about worked class universities, when in opposition they opposed it, which are the pits. CVC says corruption complaints have increased 66 percent. They say they will give us corruption free Bharat

Q: More than 30 opposition leaders have been  raided and searched by investigative agencies , do you think it’s a witch hunt?

CBI was referred to as a caged parrot, now CBI and govt are one, if you want to destroy the opposition without democratic means whether its CBI or ED, if you do that you are destroying opposition. People ordinarily want to live their lives peacefully. They don’t want govt to look over their shoulders. The ordinary businessmen don’t want to say anything because of the fear of raids.  Its worrisome trend

Q: Does it impact the credibility of these investigative agencies?

Ask any agency person, he will tell you is Modi the only credible person, I am sorry

Q: Who is the credible alternative to PM Modi?

Time will tell there s nothing called vacuum in politics