No foul language against PM, Rahul Gandhi tells his cadre

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File photo of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressing a public meeting in Gujarat.  PTI Photo

File photo of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressing a public meeting in Gujarat.
PTI Photo

With three days remaining for campaigning in Gujarat polls, the war of words is getting intense. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who has been taking on Prime Minister Modi on his home turf, on Sunday said he would not use any wrong word against him because he respects the post of the prime minister.

Congress party has been at the receiving end off-late after senior leader Mani Shankar Aiyer’s offensive remarks against Modi. Though, Aiyer has suspended in a swift act of damage control by the Congress, the issue remains on the burner.

“Modi ji uses wrong words regarding me, talks senseless things, and did once in today’s speech as well. I would like to tell everyone from both the BJP and the Congress that Rahul Gandhi respects the position of the prime minister,” he said.

Gandhi, who began his second day of campaigning for the second phase of poll scheduled for December 14, said he has learnt from the history of the Congress and the legacy of party leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that one should “defeat his enemy with love”.

“…we are going to defeat you with love, Modi ji,” quipped Gandhi.

Gandhi targeted the PM over speeches in his rallies claiming Modi frequently changed the election planks and now he was left with nothing to speak about but himself and the Congress.

“You claim you have finished the Congress. If it were so, why would you devote half your speech to Congress and half to yourself?” he said.

Gandhi also said that the assembly elections in Gujarat were not about Modi or himself or the BJP or the Congress but about “the future of the people of Gujarat”.

He accused the prime minister of not talking about his future plans for the state and “keeping mum” on the issue of corruption. He questioned the prime minister over his “silence” on the agitations by various communities, including Patels, Dalits besides anganwadi workers.

The Opposition leader also attacked Modi over last year’s demonetisation and the Goods Services Tax (GST), saying the note ban helped all “thieves” convert their “black money into white” and the “Gabbar Singh Tax” destroyed small businesses and rendered lakhs of people jobless.

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