Noisy protests stall Lok Sabha, no-confidence motion yet to be taken up

RSTV Bureau
New Delhi: Opposition members protest during the ongoing Parliament session in the Lok Sabha. PTI/LSTV

New Delhi: Opposition members protest during the ongoing Parliament session in the Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day amid noisy protests on Monday even as members of TDP and YSRCP pitched for taking up their notices of No Confidence against the Central government. The protest began soon after the lower house assembled for the day at 11 AM leading to adjournment till noon.

As Lok Sabha proceedings resumed at noon, AIADMK MPs raised protest on the issue of Cauvery water dispute.

As the members of TDP and YSRCP sought the taking up of no-confidence motion, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan urged order in the house for the headcount of those MPs supporting the notice of no-confidence motion.

“…unless the house is in order I will not be able to count the hands of 50 members… I request please go back to your seat… I want to see, I want to count… please, go to your seats…” she kept urging the protesting members.

At least 50 MPs need to support the notice of the motion in order for it to be allowed in the house. But with AIADMK not letting down its protest and disruptions only growing on the floor, the Speaker adjourned the house till Tuesday morning.

Amid noise, Union Home minister Rajnath singh said that the government is “open to have discussion on any and every issue…”.

“…some members have moved the motion of No-confidence and we want to hold discussions on it. I also urge the members to have a discussion on the motion,” Rajnath Singh said even as protest continued on the floor of the house.

The TDP, who days ago broke away from NDA fold, and YSRCP had last week given a notice to the Lok Sabha Secretary General seeking to move a no-confidence motion in the lower House.

Earlier on Friday, the TDP had supported the no-confidence motion notice brought in by YSR Congress, but later said it withdraws support. The TDP later gave a separate notice for a confidence motion.

On Friday, the no-confidence notice was not taken up after the Speaker adjourned proceedings following continued disruptions. Parties like the Congress, the Left, RJD and few other opposition MPs have come out in support of the no-confidence motion.

Meanwhile, the government has expressed confidence that the notices, even if they are admitted, will be defeated given its strength in Lok Sabha.

The current strength of the Lok Sabha is 539 and the ruling BJP has 274 members, more than the majority mark of 270, and enjoys the support of several allies. The 16-member TDP had withdrawn support from the BJP-led NDA over the issue of special status for Andhra Pradesh.