Opposition warns Centre of any hasty step on triple talaq

RSTV Bureau


Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his stance on the issue of triple talaq, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSF) chief Mayawati said such a matters at best be left to the Muslim community and not raked up for political gains. Congress party too had warned the government of taking any step in a jiffy on the contentious issue.

The debate on triple talaq has off-late drawn strong reactions from both the side of opinions, with some prominent muslim groups and opposition parties accusing the government of interfering in the ambit of personal laws.

Addressing a rally in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh on Monday, PM Modi had said, “in democracy, there should be discussion. The government has put forward its position. Those who want to digress from triple talaq are instigating people…in the country, lives of Muslim women cannot be allowed to be ruined by triple talaq.”

Joining the debate with the Prime Minister, former four-time Chief Minister of UP, Mayawati, said nobody can force its opinion and decision on the believers of any particular religion.

“BJP and its central government led by Narendra Modi has now started a new controversy over Muslim personal law, triple talaq and common civil code before the Assembly elections in some states to serve its petty politics. BSP strongly condemns it,” Mayawati said in a statement.

The BSP chief also said it is not right for the prime minister to “force his opinion and decision on the believers of any particular religion by following the RSS agenda”.

“The prime minister and central government instead of interfering in the issue of triple talaq should better leave it to the Muslim community to form a common opinion,” she stressed.


In his Monday’s rally in Bundelkhand, Modi had emphasised that the issue is not of Hindu versus Muslim or BJP versus other parties. The central government had clearly stated that there should not be any atrocity on women and there should be no discrimination on the basis of religion, the Prime Minister told the gathering.

“I am surprised that some political parties of the country in their lust for vote bank are hell-bent upon committing injustice to women in the 21st century…” PM had said taking a swipe at the Opposition parties.

Reacting on the issue, the principal opposition party, Congress, insisted that an atmosphere of trust needs to be built first for changing personal laws of any community and the matter should not be politicised.

“While we stand for equality and fair treatment for women, no hasty step should be taken which may lead to a feeling of alienation amongst any community,” Congress party spokesman RPN Singh said.

He added that all progressive steps need to be taken after wide consultation with those “who would be affected and after explaining their viewpoints”.